Russia backs India with its counter Surgical Strike over Pakistan and hits the terror supportive country to take ‘preventive steps for eradicating Terrorism. ‘ Pakistan is getting of friends very fast and also losing support from the world community for its actions against India.

From the past itself, all the nations of the world ignored this supportive terrorist country in all aspects. At present all the countries directly isolated Pakistan with Uri attack.

UN chief Ban Ki-moon Offers to Mediate Between India and Pakistan

Member countries of SAARC had pulled out from the summit which is to be hosted in November in Islamabad. This shows the negative impact created in Pakistan.

To earliest on 30th night, Russia supports India complimenting the Surgical attack. Russian Foreign Ministry had slammed a punching statement to Pakistan to take ‘Effective Steps’ to prevent terrorist groups in their country and to not create tension at LoC. Russia came out to fight against the Pakistan Sponsored Terrorism.

The strong-worded statement speaking about the Uri attack, Surgical strike and the atmosphere at LoC said by Russia was “We are concerned with the aggravation lately to the situation along the line of control between India and Pakistan. We are calling the two countries not to allow any escalation of tension and to settle the existing problems by political and diplomatic means through negotiations.”

They also added that “We stand for the decisive struggle against terrorism in all our manifestations. We expect the Pakistan Government to take effective steps for stopping the terrorist activities in their territory.”

Shameless Statement: A Pakistani Jud Terrorist Group Leader Warns India against Surgical Strikes

Other countries like USA, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, South Korea, Sri Lanka had supported the counter action taken by India. The neighboring countries also said that India has the right to respond to the activities of Pakistan on Pak occupied Kashmir.

Several officials had applauded Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the boldest serious decision taken on terrorism and the Surgical strike. India further would get the support of many other countries. We have to look forward to the reaction of Pakistan.