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BSNL DataMail: Process to get email ids in 8 Indian languages explained

The Indian state-owned telecommunications company, BSNL announced that they are providing email addresses in eight regional languages. The company has partnered with Jaipur-based DataMail app which can download on any Android and iOS devices.

In line with government’s vision of making India cashless, BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited) is offering free email services to its broadband users by launching DataMail service. From now onwards BSNL broadband users will be able to open the email ID in their regional language.

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“BSNL is also known for its network in the rural and remote India, especially in 2G and 3G data. Launching free linguistic Email address service for its millions of customers is another definite step in fulfilling the dream of digital India taken by the Govt. of India Enterprise, BSNL,” said a release.

According to the Indian Telecom Services Performance Indicator Report released by TRAI, the total internet users in India are about 350.48 million. This estimated number is just 30 percent of the India’s population and remaining 70% is not having access mostly living in rural areas.

A few months back, Government of India introduced .bharat domain in Indian languages to increase the reach of internet users. With the aim to cover around 70% of the country’s population living in remote areas, the government introduced the domain.

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How to get the Datamail :

  • BSNL broadband subscribers can download the DataMail from both Android (Play Store) and iOS (App Store) devices.
  • The user has to select the respective regional language for the email ID.
  • Tap the tick mark on checkbox ‘I am a broadband customer’.
  • Enter your mobile number.
  • Soon after that, you will receive the OTP via SMS on your registered phone number.
  • Now type the email address which you want to use in your own language.

This DataMail service is the world’s first application which supports Indian languages. As per the reports, most spoken languages in India are:

  • Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Urdu, Gujarati, Kannada, Punjabi and Assamese.

Indian Govt Wants Apple and Google to Support Aadhar Encryption to their Smartphone Devices

Smartphone companies have a great scope in sales in India. That reason had captivated many International Tech companies to enter the Indian market. A few weeks ago, executives from several tech companies like Apple, Samsung, Microsoft and Google had invited to a meeting with Govt Officials to discuss on embedding Aadhar encryption to their technology.

None of the companies which participated in the meeting did not reveal anything about Aadhar encryption details. Apple did not even show up at all. Indian Govt plans to implement Aadhar based security to the products shipped by these brands.

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No company would like to cook up Govt stuff with their technology. Since September 2010 India is collecting its citizen’s biometric and demographic data for various reasons.

Primarily, the main reason behind collecting the fingerprints and Iris-scan of people is a part of National Biometric Identity program, and this Aadhar ID is used to access a wide range of public and private services which also include banking too.

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If the Tech companies fail to join this initiative to the GOVT of India, it would be a fence to their sales and their Business expansion in the booming market. It is believed that Google and Apple may not abide by this.

This idea is path breaker as this could help the Govt and related departments to track Criminals and gives information of Foreign Visitors. This technology is used by FBI and US-VISIT visa program. If this is implemented in our country, we will be the first to run this concept.

Aadhaar Based e-KYC Verification for instant  SIM card approval

Apart from the advantages, experts criticize that Aadhar encryption would be a National security threat because if Aadhar servers are hacked. Civil liberties and many say that this concept may violate the privacy.

Leaving all behind the Govt is rolling ahead for implementation in the recent weeks. Amresh Nandan, research director at Gartner, wanted provisions and clarity about the security. It is highly believed that Tech companies would object in the installation the govt authenticated tools and software to their devices. It is also a security breach to the companies too. No private company would wish to share its user’s data.

Government to Increase Broadband Speed From 512Kbps to 2Mbps

The Government of India is thinking to increase the minimum broad band speed which is currently 512 Kbps to 2Mbps. This would mark a four-fold increase in the internet speed.

In August 2015 government has doubled the broadband speed from 256 Kbps to 512 Kbps. Union Minister of Information Technology Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad said “I propose to take up the matter with the communications ministry.We will consider laying down a policy for increasing the minimum broadband speed from the current levels.”

The mushrooming start-up ecosystem, delivery of various consumer services via mobile apps, such as cabs, social media and online shopping, etc. are the reasons behind this move.

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Private telecom companies have come up with 4G services which promise an internet speed of 10mbps. The reduced 4G handsets are witnessing this increase in 4G usage. Hence government feels that there is a need to increase

TRAI had also backed growth in the broadband speed. “Speed must be above a certain threshold to enable the use of desired applications such as video viewing or gaming. Higher electronic communication speeds are relevant in knowledge-based communities. This is because it spurs productivity, and hence increases competitiveness,” said Trai in a report.

Globally India runs at a very low broadband speed of 512 Kbps. According to the reports of global content network Akamai, South Korea has the fastest average connection speed at 29 Mbps and is followed by Norway at 21.3.India has the lowest in Asia.

TRAI Launches Web Portal to Help Users Check Level Of Call Drops

India has 1059.29 million Telecom connections & 151 million Broadband subscribers at the end of April 2016 reported TRAI. By the year 2020 the Internet subscribers may increase to 730 million and the data required will be high. Along with the broadband speed, a better FUP must be set for better results. FUP is the Fair Usage Policy which limits the internet speeds after a particular bandwidth limit is reached.

Government Brings ‘Twitter Sewa’ To Address Telecom Users Complaints

Manoj Sinha,Minister of Tele-Communications, launched “Twitter Sewa,” to address grievances of the consumers against the Telecom and postal service. Users can now register and get a resolution to the complaints filed against the telecom and postal services on the micro-blogging site Twitter.

The filed complaints and concerns of the stakeholders in the telecom and postal departments via ‘Twitter Sewa’ will be directly accessed by the respective ministry officials and they are categorised into immediate, mid-term and long-term complaints. This new platform will also address the complaints filed against the private service providers.

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“Complaints received against any telecom operator and Department of Post (DOP) on my Twitter handle will be communicated to the concerned telecom operator and DOP immediately for a quick resolution and better service,” Sinha said.

“I hope both government, Private Telecom service provider make use of this tool fullest to its potential to serve the customer,” Sinha said. Twitter Sewa platform is currently available for Railway, External Affairs and Commerce Ministry.

Raheel Khursheed, Head for News, Politics, and Government at Twitter India, said to file a complaint user just need to tweet on the social media platform, and the platform will automatically pick keywords used in complaint tweet to send it to concerned officials.

“People can use four commands to escalate their complaints. These are #DoTSewa, #BSNLSewa, #MTNLSewa, #PostalSewa,” said Khursheed. He also said that the ‘Twitter Sewa’ platform is free for government departments.

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“The challenge is gigantic as India has the biggest postal network in the world and the number of mobile-phone subscribers had already crossed 1billion in January this year. Therefore, we are aware that complaints are going to pour in from across the country and in high numbers,” added Manoj Sinha

The social media giant, Twitter expects subscribers in the country from this platform. According to the sources, the company is in talks with the Home Ministry, Health Ministry, MyGov Portal, etc. for bringing them on to this platform.

UIDAI eyes Aadhaar-Enabled Smartphones to ease access to Govt Services

Aadhaar authentication

UIDAI proposes Smartphone Firms to Make Aadhaar-enabled Mobiles

Now Its time to gear up for a “game changer” initiative taken up by the government of India, Aadhar card enabled smartphones. Yes, you read it right, now Aadhaar card will be linked to your smartphones in a much smarter way. UIDAI authorities are holding high-level meetings with the leading smartphone manufacturers.

According to the Unique Identification Authority of India’s idea, the Aadhaar enabled handsets will contain a chip with UIDAI encryption code which will be in turn connect to the Aadhaar server. The encryption code will be the key factor for security. The server connection will access the iris and fingerprint authentication of the Aadhaar holders.

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Ajay Bhushan Pandey, the CEO of UIDAI, had a meeting with the top executives of Apple, Samsung, Google, Microsoft and Micromax. The software products think tank Isprit was also present. The session discussed the ways to make handsets with access to Aadhaar.

About 100 Crore Aadhaar users are present in the country among which 40% carry smartphones. So it is a helpful step. While most of the companies reciprocated positively for this scheme, Apple has concerns about the security of data and privacy issues. By linking smartphone with Aadhaar server, all the user information will be available to Govt of India, which is against the interests of Apple Inc.

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However, UIDAI officials addressed all the security concerns, and assured safety of 100 Crore Indians is the basic priority. Samsung Galaxy Tab Iris has the options for government schemes and banking process with user authentication. The company was in high spirits as their spokesperson said, “Galaxy Tab Iris will support government benefit programmes and enable banks and financial institutions to streamline the process of an individual’s authentication, regardless of language and literacy barriers.

The government of India provided stringent guidelines to the citizens regarding Aadhaar card registration. The multipurpose UIDAI card is linked to receive benefits like LPG subsidy, MGNREGA, Jan Dhan Yojana. So the Aadhaar card registrations were made in high pace to receive discontinued services. The new bold step toward digitalization of Aadhaar will be helpful in time and resource management, only when the information is confidential.

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