It is estimated that around 3.2 million debit card holders have been affected with the security breach. The center for the breach is pointed at some of the locations in China.

The most affected banks in India with this data breach is the Nationalized bank SBI. Around 6.25 lakh debit card holder are affected and hence they have been replaced with the new debit cards by the bank.

Apart from the SBI, ICICI, HDFC, Yes Bank and Axis bank are the other major sufferers. The Point of Sale (PoS) is maintained by the Hitachi Payment Systems which is responsible for the security breach.

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However, the bank officials except SBI has not commented on the security breach till date. But all the affected banks have already taken the required measure to tackle the situation.

Around 6 lakh RuPay cards have been replaced till date. VISA and MasterCards are also been in the trap of the security breach. Around 2.5 million cards of VISA and MasterCard have are been in the web of the data breach as per reports.

A total of more than 620 million debit cards holders exist in India as per central Bank report as of July 2016 statistics.

India’s Bangalore based payment security specialist SISA has already into the investigations about the breach.

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Already a number of complaints have been registered with the respective banks. Though the SBI has issued the new debit cards, it is still in dark about the loss amount. Nothing has been stated as who has to bear the loss. This is a major factor as the customer cannot be blamed for the loss which they are not responsible for.

National Payments System (NPS) maintained by the Indian Bank on its servers also are investigating the accounts infected by the breach and the locations from where they have taken place from.


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