Whatsapp video call feature Rolls out on Windows 

WhatsApp, one of the major applications which get updates very frequently and many new features are pushed as a part of it. The app has updated its public group features in its previous update.  This Facebook-owned app also updated with new camera improvement as well. But the thing is that the update has limited to Android OS alone. Now, the latest Whatsapp video call feature which the company has released has rolled out on the Windows platform.

Undoubtedly, it is video call feature which is one of the much-anticipated features for a long time. Surprisingly, the company has pushed the new feature to Windows, instead of Android. WhatsApp for Windows Phone enables the new video call feature by default.

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The developers of the app pushed the 2.16.260 beta update for windows, and it seems like the video call feature was readily available for users. Usage of the feature is made easy by just a click on the menu to make a video call within the contact list. The app not only shows the option for the voice call but also provides an option to make a video call from the same menu.

Another alternative way is to click on the contact and view more details another option of making a video is also available for users. For easy access, the video calling feature is baked right into the app.

The feature works as simple as a voice call connecting user on the other end by just a tap. History of all calls will be shown together in call history and notifications will be popped out just like when you miss a voice call.

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Considering the fact that releasing this feature on Windows platform first may become an issue for other platforms where the majority of users are on Android platform. However, WhatsApp is good at releasing updates very faster and is expected the feature may hit other platforms soon.


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