Feeling Hungry??? Now order tasty food through Facebook. Feeling Bored?? In Need of some Entertainment?? Also book your movie tickets or event tickets

Facebook is now not only a social networking which connects friends with friends or meet new individuals online; leaving that as a past it makes a revolution of being a commercial marketplace now. This shows how the company is progressing beyond its existing functionality.

A brand new tool is launched by the social media site for the purpose of obtaining recommendations from the users, which include shops & services.

Facebook has become a fundamental and an essential tool for organisation’s businesses as it is for you, companions and friends, however now the organization is multiplying down on inspiring you to go to or purchase from nearby stores, eateries and occasions.

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Facebook new deal will now permit Americans to order a meal, purchase film tickets or make an appointment at the beautician, hair dresser etc., without even logging out of our social networking sites.  The US organisation declared Wednesday the expansion of new tools on site to permit the clients or users to interface specifically with organizations.

Well!! Facebook is changing the definition of social networking. The company now is launching a whole set of fascinating features to let users buy movie tickets or for events, also get price quotes from shops and outlets or also suggest places to visit when bored with a complete guidance of a map.

Facebook is now making life easier to explore the events in a better possible way. Facebook has refurbished the events bookmark. Its users are finding it easy to catch up on the new trending events from friends to hosts.  This events dashboard built will be into the market place in the US in coming weeks.

Now, to order tasty food, visit the Facebook restaurants page. To order food, you’ll probably find the “Start Order”, if the restaurant uses Delivery.com or Slice.

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Likely, Facebook has Fandangom, Ticketmaster and Eventbrite as its partners for ticket booking of events and movies. Visit the Facebook Event page or Movie page to check the options.

The service offering by Facebook is not done directly. Instead, it has key roles as partners to offer their services through Facebook. They are the third party services which vary from one country to the other. From India, for foods ordering service they are Foodpanda or Swiggy and for ticketing it is Bookmyshow. From USA it is Delivery.com, Slice.com for food ordering and for ticketing it is Ticketmaster, Fandango, and Eventbrite.

Facebook has already started this out in the US and in forthcoming months, these features will be released and will be available in further more countries which are in partnership with all the local services for food ordering and movie ticket booking.

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Ordering food: This is now being done directly Facebook Pages.  Just click the “Start Order” button on the restaurant’s Facebook Page which makes use of Delivery.com or Slice.

Requesting an appointment: This is for the local businesses which require you to book an appointment in prior, such as an appointment in spas and salons. Your available time can be registered with it to view their list of services and offerings. Then the appointment will get confirmed and you will be informed through messenger.

Get a quote: Few local business Pages will have a “Get Quote” button which lets you request for a quote easily and quickly.

Get tickets to movies as well as for events: These movie tickets can directly be bought from the Facebook Pages via Fandango. These have the partnership with Ticketmaster and Eventbrite, even the event tickets are made available which might be free as well as paid available directly from the event page on Facebook.

For instance, a pizza can be delivered to the door step through a simple click over the “order” button on the restaurant’s / eatery’s Face Book page. Given, in any case, the restaurant utilizes delivery.com or Slice.

For other various shops for instance, spas or beauticians, clients can ask for an appointment, which the shipper will affirm utilizing the Facebook Messenger, the organisation’s mobile messaging application. Few other organisations additionally may add a button to their page permitting customers/ clients to request a price.

What’s more, Facebook has entered an organization with Fandango to take into consideration the buy of motion picture tickets straightforwardly from the page committed to that film. Clients likewise will have the capacity to purchase tickets for different occasions through Ticketmaster or Eventbrite from their own particular Facebook page.

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These are all appreciated elements; utilizing similar minded companions appears like an undeniable approach to get quality proposals, and having the capacity to connect with a business right on their Facebook page takes out the additional means of opening a different application or site. Obviously, for Facebook it implies that you have one less motivation to ever leave the informal community. The recommendations and business features are starting to roll out in the US today, and the changes to Events will arrive “in the coming weeks.

The proposals and business elements are beginning to take off in the US today, and the progressions to Events will touch base “in the coming weeks.

Facebook Inc said its users in the United States will be able to order food through the Facebook pages of eateries/ restaurants beginning on Wednesday as a component of its endeavours to associate with it users or clients and businesses or organisations.

Facebook depends on the third party partnerships to support its latest features rolled out Wednesday. The sales of tickets are operated by Ticketmaster Entertainment, Inc. and Eventbrite.

Nonetheless, there are, however, no other clues to when this facility would be extended further to other different parts of the world.

Not long ago, Facebook propelled “Commercial Centre” or a “Market Place” stage that permits individuals to purchase and offer things locally.

Facebook, which has around 1.7 billion month to month active clients, additionally said on Wednesday it would include a “suggestions or recommendations” feature that will permit clients to share the suggestions on such things as spots to eat.

Facebook shares were up to 0.8 percent at $129.58 in early trade and exchange.Shares of GrubHub Inc, which offers a food ordering service similar to that declared by Facebook, were down to 2.4 percent at $41.07.

The launch of the latest features by Facebook believes that it will make the social networking “more useful in your everyday life.” The organisation today added a recommendation tool which helps and guide discover new places, events, things to do including movie tickets & restaurant booking, and benefits around you by drawing on your friends. On the off chance that you discover an occasion to go to, Facebook has made the ticket-purchasing process more consistent. There are new “call to action” buttons to interact with a business.

Andrew “Bos” Bosworth, Facebook’s VP of advertisements and business platform, depicts it thusly: “It’s Friday night, you don’t have plans, yet you have a sitter, and you’re prepared to go. In any case, what do you do? It’s a staggeringly difficult process in 2016 to choose what to do, what to really do, and after that you take part in the issue of how to really do it. We’re more terrible off now than 10 years prior, when we began to discuss this.”

He clarified that individuals’ present work process regularly requires the utilization of a series of applications to take care of this issue of planning and executing activities. “It’s a tedious and time consuming procedure of exploring what and how to associate with our companions/ friends in this present realistic world,” Bos clarified.

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With more than 1.65 billion month to month active clients, Facebook trusts it has the capacity to take care of these issues — from booking a ticket to opening up a line of communication with a business. This procedure begins with the recommendations feature, which is taking off to users in the U.S. today. Despite whether you’re searching for spots to go on your next excursion, scanning for the best salon around town, or searching for a decent Mexican eatery close you, suggestions from your companions are subject to carry weight.

Facebook, with 1.13 billion day by day dynamic users as of June, 84.5% of whom are outside the United States and Canada, for the time being is restricting these new features to its US users.

Getting recommendations is as straightforward as creating a status update. Facebook will break down the words that you use to turn on this element. A post with “I’m searching for eateries or restaurants in San Francisco” or “Where would I be able to find night clubs in New York City?” can trigger recommendations. From that point, your companions can offer suggestions, and in the event that they suggest any of the 60 million eateries, organizations, benefit suppliers, facilities, attractions, or venues with a Facebook Page, the system will consequently incorporate the Pages in the comments.

“When somebody is responding with an eatery, when Facebook supposes it recognises the name, we’ll make a suggestion to individuals,” Bos said.

Companions can save suggestions by basically tagging a Facebook Page. Facebook will recognise the “object” and place it on a dynamic map that’ll show up in the post. Each time somebody remarks with a perceived place, that map will develop. It will likewise be visible to anybody, in view of the security and privacy settings. These maps are not ephemeral, which means they’ll remain around until you physically erase them.

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You can create a listing for business if a venue, activity, or service provider doesn’t have a page.

This is not the first time that Facebook has created call to action buttons. The other buttons includes “book now, “contact us,” “use app,” “play game,” “shop now,” “sign up,” and “watch video,” along with “call now.”

Bos promises that all of these new features are just the beginning and that additional integrations will be made as the company continues working to connect people and businesses with one another.

There are promises made by Bos. He promises that all of these new features are only the beginning and the additional integrations will soon be done as the company connects the people to the business.

This is really an awesome idea by the way the company provides real and helpful guidance while travelling.  Through these, it will also help increase the engagement of the user on the platform.

Overall, the point is to let people get awareness of the latest launched features like ticket booking, appointment booking, and suggestions regarding places to visit. This is surprisingly a ready information source with which so many can be done within a single platform.

Moreover, the platform offers all its users many more facilities to use. This also increases the user engagement which is going to skyrocket. Presently, the company is not charging its users.

Currently, these features are launched to the users at US. Expectancies are probably high on the company’s launching its features on a global range very soon.


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