IBM’s Watson showed its face in everything winning at Jeopardy to cooking exotic meals, but it hasn’t accomplished their greatest feat yet, saving a life. The doctors from the University of Tokyo reported that, the artificial intelligence diagnosed the woman’s rare form of Leukemia which had been incorrectly identified months earlier.

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According to the sources, this woman’s age is 60 years. This analytical machine took just 10 minutes for comparing the patient’s genetic changes from the database of 20 million cancer research papers and delivering the accurate diagnosis. This helps in providing the proper treatment which had proven vague. The university also said that Watson has also identified another rarest form of Leukemia in other patients.

When compared with the Watson and other AI systems which are regularly providing the advice at the hospitals are likely to take the long for a while, but this won’t be all the useful in the situations without readily comparable data. On enquiring with the school for more information regarding the incident, this diagnosis shows just how the technology could be useful in the medical world.

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The doctors don’t need to spend the more time on the research for identifying the certain disease or hoping that another hospital can offer the insights. With the simple plugging in the right data and initiates the healing process. Watson proves that how beneficial technologies are in our medical sciences. Nowadays AI is everywhere and the days aren’t too far for curing the major diseases using the artificial intelligence.