The team of scientists from the Belgian university says that they had created a Solar Powered machine which turns the urine into the drinkable water. And fertilizer using the solar energy. This technique could be applied in the developing countries and in the rural areas which can resolve the water scarcity.

When there are many other preferences for utilizing the waste water, this system has applied at the University of the Ghent uses the special membrane which is energy efficient and this is applicable in the areas of the electricity grid.

University of Ghent researcher Sebastiaan Derese says “We can recover the fertilizer and drinking water from urine using just a simple process and solar energy.”

The process of this project is, collecting the urine in the large tank and heated in the solar-powered boiler and before this it will passing through the membrane where the water is recovered and the nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus are separated.

The team has recently deployed the machine at the 10-day music and the theatre festival in the central Ghent, they had recovered more than 1000 litres of water from the urine of revellers.

Derese says that “The team wants to install the larger versions of the machines in the sports venues or airports which is the primary goal. This will also take this to the rural community in developing the world where the fertilizers and the reliable drinking water are having the shortage in supply.”

As from this case and along with the previous projects the research team was involved in, and the water recovered from the city festival will be used to make one of the most Belgium’s most coveted specialities Beer.

“We call it from the sewer to Brewer,” Derese said.


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