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Top 6 Holi Skincare tips to protect your Skin

Top 6 Holi Skincare tips to protect your Skin from Harmful Colours on Holi

The festival of colours or celebration of love, Holi 2017 is celebrated on 13th March this year. As it is near many people across...
pizza eating kid

Soda, Pizza and Salty Food increases Liver Disease in Kids: Study

Children who regularly intake fructose present in soda, sweetened beverages, pizza and salty food, biscuits, yogurt may be be prone to liver disease, researchers...
air pollution delhi

Over Half of World’s Pollution Deaths in China, India

Over half of the deaths across the world caused by air pollution were in India and China where 2.2 million people died in 2015,...
egypt eman ahmed weight

Egyptian Woman Weighing 500 kg Reaches Mumbai to ‘lose’ weight

A 36-year old Egyptian woman, weighing around 500 kgs has arrived in Mumbai on Saturday to undergo a weight reduction programme at a city...
fish oil Asthma

Fish Oils In-Take May Help You to Fight Asthma

Consumption of fish oil, which is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, may be beneficial for patients with inflammatory diseases such as asthma. The findings,...
Oral-B electric brushes pic

Oral-B PRO 600 & Oral-B PRO 2000 Electric Brushes Launched

Oral-B, the multinational oral product maker, has launched electric rechargeable toothbrushes in India. Naming them as Oral-B PRO 600 & Oral-B PRO 2000, these E-brushes...
Smallest Pacemaker

World’s Smallest Pacemaker Unveiled in the Size of a Vitamin Capsule

World's smallest pacemaker is about the size of a coin which can be implanted in patients to reinstate the heart’s normal rhythm, in situations...
GOQii tracker

GOQii Announces New Heart Rate Tracker and Service

The Digital health and fitness subscription service GOQii have introduced a new wearable device GOQii Tracker 2.0. It is the third fitness tracker that...
YO sperm KIT

Now Can Check Fertility at Home Using Smartphone via YO SPERM Test

For the Men who feel hesitant in performing a fertility test in the presence of doctors and nurses, they have one good news for...
Reliance JioHealthHub

Reliance Jio launches the Preview of its new Health app ‘JioHealthHub’

Reliance Jio Digital Services is now set plans to launch the new Jio app called the 'JioHealthHub'. This application is available for the Android...

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