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Dating sites algorithm cannot predict romantic attraction or compatibility

A new study published in journal Psychological Science states A computer algorithm can’t predict a Romantic attraction between two people. The dating sites which...
Caffeine consumption

Caffeine consumption on a regular basis can increase life expectancy: Researchers

Now coffee lovers have another reason to rejoice; the latest study found that drinking caffeine regularly can add more years to your beautiful life....

Breastfeeding helps children to eat more Vegetables in daily life: New study

Breastfeeding is the ultimate solution for making your children to eat all veggies in their daily life. Research carried out at Monell Chemical Senses...
eggs donor

Woman sells her eggs to earn money, ends up damaging kidneys

A woman damaged her kidneys by selling her eggs to make money. She sold her eggs to earn money and realised that her kidneys...
less physical activity

Less physical activity, More TV might cause walking disability: Study

A new study has discovered that older people who sit for long hours in front of the television and low level of physical activity...

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