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25 minutes yoga

Yoga for 25 minutes can boost your energy levels and brain functions: New Study

Practising yoga for Just 25 minutes a day can boost your brain functioning and increase your energy levels. Maintaining consistency of energy the whole...
mother pregnancy

Mobile phone use during pregnancy will not affect the baby’s brain: New Study

Mobile phone usage at the time of pregnancy shows benefits rather than disadvantages. A new study carried out by the team of Dr. Eleni...

Dating sites algorithm cannot predict romantic attraction or compatibility

A new study published in journal Psychological Science states A computer algorithm can’t predict a Romantic attraction between two people. The dating sites which...
Caffeine consumption

Caffeine consumption on a regular basis can increase life expectancy: Researchers

Now coffee lovers have another reason to rejoice; the latest study found that drinking caffeine regularly can add more years to your beautiful life....

Breastfeeding helps children to eat more Vegetables in daily life: New study

Breastfeeding is the ultimate solution for making your children to eat all veggies in their daily life. Research carried out at Monell Chemical Senses...