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World Diabetes day 2017

World Diabetes day 2017 Theme, Activities and History: Prevention remedies to eradicate diabetes

World Diabetes day 2017: On November 14th we considered as world diabetes day. Is it necessary to observe this day, yes it is very...
Comprehensive Drug Monitoring System

AP launches Comprehensive Drug Monitoring System: India’s 1st ID Proof-Based Medicine Sale Process

In a push to restrict the practice of fake doctors and fake prescriptions in Andhra Pradesh, the government has rolled out a project named The...
E cigareete

E-Cigarettes are no longer healthy substitute of Traditional Nicotine Cigars: Study

Until now many of us thought that E-Cigarettes are a healthy substitute of Nicotine Cigars. This news would be an eye opener for all....
25 minutes yoga

Yoga for 25 minutes can boost your energy levels and brain functions: New Study

Practising yoga for Just 25 minutes a day can boost your brain functioning and increase your energy levels. Maintaining consistency of energy the whole...
mother pregnancy

Mobile phone use during pregnancy will not affect the baby’s brain: New Study

Mobile phone usage at the time of pregnancy shows benefits rather than disadvantages. A new study carried out by the team of Dr. Eleni...