Parmeshwar Godrej Died at Age of 70

Wife of Industrialist Adi Godrej, Parmeshwar Godrej passed away on Monday mid-night at the age of 70 years. She was suffering with a long time Lung illness.

She will be remembered for ever for her social activities. She is an icon in the fashion world for a long time with her look and style. She has her own fashion which she maintained till death. She utilized her charisma in social awareness programs.

Parmeshwar Godrej is considered as bold and strong women. She is the first women to talk openly on AIDS when none in the country even dare to think of it. She campaigned for stopping the deadly disease by setting up a project called “Heroes Project” in 2014.

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Many business persons and Hollywood actors remember her as not only a fashion icon but also a good mother and kind hearted friend. She has two daughters and one son. Daughters Tanya Dubash and Nisa Godrej who are associated with the company’s flagship products where as son Pirojsha realty Arm Company which is a part of Godrej.

A book – ‘Godrej – A hundred years’ second edition has described her as the most stylish icon of the era and also one of the warm hearted women. Many aspects of her life have been lime lighted in that book.

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She always used her reputation in promoting her company fashion products and for social awareness projects. Sources say that she made her husband a competitor and a leader. She is responsible in making  Adi Godrej learn the art. Parmeshwar Godrej is a key role player in launching the family business of soaps and toiletries with her astute marketing ideas.

Bollywood actor Vinod Khanna and Pakistan cricketer Imran Khan are her close friends. She endorsed the soap advertising with these gentlemen.


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