India is a place to a variety of languages. Each region in the country has their own regional language. For example, Tamil people they don’t know Telugu, and for Bengali people don’t know Gujarati. So many people understand the language, but they can’t read it.

But now you can read the script of your choice. A new app implemented as a solution for reading the texts in the preferred language. The app especially designed to overcome the reading problems among children.

The ‘Read My Language’ app can install on computers and smartphones. Through this app, a person can quickly read a Telugu (multiple languages) newspaper in English script. Read My App can also run in offline mode, and you can also learn language of your choice

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Currently this ‘Read My Language’ app is available in 12 languages such as Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, Oriya, Gurmukhi, Gujarati, Malayalam, Kannada, and English. In this application, the newspapers, online e-books, E-Commerce sites, and government circulars will be translated into the regional languages.

The Chief Facilitator of app Rajiv Nag said “a major advantage of transliteration is that it helps in learning the language. He says many of the teachers in Madhya Pradesh schools where the app being used have come out with favourable reports on the improvement in English among the children.”

Steps to Install the Read My Language app

  • For those who want to install in Chrome browser and Firefox
  • Click on the desired links which given separately for Chrome browser and Firefox browser.
  • Allow the browsers to install the extension in the desktop or laptop.
  • You have to add the extension ‘ADD TO CHROME’ (for Chrome browsers) and click on install now option for Firefox Browser.

For Android users

  • For Android Smartphones or Android Tablet, you need to require the latest version, i.e., Android 2.3.3.
  • Click on install the app button from Google Play store.
  • Select Help button after installation completed.

For iOS users

  • For Apple iPhone or Apple iPad, you need to have iOS6 and above latest version.
  • Install the app from the App Store and after completing the install process click on the help button.

How the Read My Language App works

  • Once you installed the app, open your browser (Chrome or Firefox).
  • Click on the ReadMyLanguage App button which will be present on top of the right corner.
  • Now select the Source Language and the Target Language (which you want to translate the source script).
  • Open a new window and type the desired URL whose content you want to translate.
  • The transliterated version will be displayed on the screen once the site is loaded.
  • Now you can enjoy by reading the script of your known language.

The major advantage of transliteration is that it helps in learning the language. Currently, this app used in many schools in Madhya Pradesh, Guna, Chhattisgarh, and Bilaspur. As per the official’s statement, this app will be available in printer friendly mode soon by e-pub standards.


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