Oscar winner, US Actor, Social Worker Leonardo DiCaprio has unveiled new free Technology that allows users to Spy on illegal fishing practices in the oceans all around the world.This technology is known as ‘Global Fishing Watch.’

The new technology is officially released during the Oceans Conference on Thursday at Washington which is hosted by US Secretary of State John Kerry.

The main purpose of this technology is to curb illegal activities in the oceans in any manner causing destruction to the ocean and its species. The objective of this technology is to offer crowd sourced solution for illegal fishing.This illegal fishing accounts loss to the global marine catch up to 35% resulting in yearly losses of $23.5 Billion.

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This technology works on the basis of Satellite technology combined with radar aboard boats. The site GlobalFishingWatch.Org enables people to zero in areas where there are interested in the world. This can trace for about 35,000 fishing vessels.

As over-fishing has been the biggest problem for the Marine Species to Extinct. About two-thirds of the fish stocks are deep seas are either depleted or exploited, said U.N FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation). Some of the largest fish, including Swordfish and Tuna, are 10% below to their historical level and are near for Extinction.

Leonardo DiCaprio apart from his profession is well known for his commitment as a Social Worker, Philanthropist, Environmental activist for Climate Change, Human Rights Activist and donated funds. He runs “Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation.”

“Today, this unprecedented technology is available to everyone for free in the world. I encourage everyone to go check it out, and to be responsible for the protection of marine life and its habitat.”

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“This platform will empower citizens across the globe to become powerful advocates for our oceans,” said Leonardo DiCaprio.

John Amos, president and the founder of Sky Truth, one among the three partners along with Google and Oceana said“This is an opportunity to the public to watch what is happening, even in the middle of the ocean. We need the public to be engaged with the Governments and convince seafood industry on the problem of over an illegal fishing”.

Amo also added, “ If you can’t see it and measure, you are not going to care about it, and it is not going to get solved.”

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The whole project costs about $10.3 million to build over the past three years, about $6 million funds is contributed by Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation in January.

To make data available for free, a deal was negotiated with Satellite company Orbcomm by Oceana and its partners to use its three-day old data along with historical records. We can also collect data of a particular area by zooming.

At present,Global Fishing Watch won’t include every vessel, only which broadcast data from AIS (Automated Identification System), collected by satellite and terrestrial receivers.