China Rolls Out its First Sky Train Technology on Sunday

China was marked as the third country to develop the sky train technology. Country’s first Sky train came off the assembly line in Nanjing city. The same technology is launched earlier in Germany and Japan are making a good run.

According to official media, The Nanjing Puzhen Limited Company, affiliated to China’s largest state-owned rolling stock manufacturer CRRC Corporation Limited (China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation) launched the elevated railway train on Sunday.

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The train comprises of two compartments which can hold over 200 passengers. Sky trains had lower costs and equipped with better climbing-turning ability when compared to trains and subways. Professor Yue Zhaohong from the Beijing Jiaotong University commented that the construction time taken for the sky trains is very shorter when compared to subways. It is reported that the time bounding lasts only about three to five months for tens of kilometers of rails.

The reexamine railway is driven by batteries, which runs for four hours on one charge. The batteries can be replaced when a train is at a halt, and the whole process lasts only for two minutes.

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Experts aforesaid these sky train technology would be a good way to commute in third and fourth tiered cities and at scenic spots. These sky trains may make their debut in China early next year at places of different sceneries.


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