Cloth dryers are the important thing that stayed in the American households, but the methods and heat up are highly expensive and insufficient.

Meet the new Ultrasonic Clothes Drying Technology, which uses the concept of omitting the heat instead of using the heavy pitched vibrations to remove the moisture from the clothes. On using this new technology, the crucial advantages are cheaper, faster, energy-saving and better for fabric too.

Each year Americans spend more than $9 billion for the energy sucking process blowing hot air. But this latest prototype uses the sound waves in its place and vibrating the clothes to dry rather than heating them up.

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Ayyoub Momen, who is developing this new technology and the researcher from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory says “Evaporating the water in clothes is energy intensive and, thus it is very expensive. The vibrations still take energy to create, but much less. “You’re drying it as it’s cold”, “That significantly helps improve the efficiency.”

Momen want to develop the new prototype one day after watching an ultrasonic humidifier work. After watching how much cold mist it can generate with just a little energy and this made me think and apply the same physics to the fabric drying.

In the initial experiment, they were able to dry the piece of fabric in 14 seconds which is a record. This present prototype looks like a fog machine as mist blows away from the samples of the fabric.

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After this technology is scaled up to a full dryer, the load of laundry might take 20 minutes rather than 40-50 minutes that it might take another dryer. This process also minimizes lint. Since the clothes aren’t blasted with heat and the researchers, expect that they will also last longer.