Casio Introduced Lamp Free TCO Approved Advanced Projectors

CASIO launched its first environmental friendly projectors certified by TCO. The company introduces two models. TCO certification implies that the product meets environment, health, safety and socially responsible manufacturing factors.

The TCO certifies advanced XJ-F200WN and XJ-F210WN series of Laser and LED hybrid projectors. Series of Laser and LED hybrid projectors are

XJ-F200WN that facilitates 1.5x optical zoom with 1200 x 800 WXGA resolutions and produces 3000 lumens of brightness. The other model XJ-F210WN has 3500 lumens of brightness while other features are remaining the same.

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Both the models are best suitable for displaying content from various sources like a computer or any other video-enabled devices.

CASIO Projectors

USB connectivity, provided for both the models as a power supply need. The USB is also helpful in the 360-degree installations. Such flexibility in installations will result in the uninterrupted image projection with a suitable place.

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Portrait, horizontal, perpendicular, floor or ceiling located positions, easily chosen as the flexibility enables such option.

External audio support with the help of RGB and HDMI ports is an additional advantage for the external sources to be connected to the projectors.

Company’s latest 5th generation laser and LED hybrid light source technology used in developing these projectors. Power consumption up to 50% can save as per this technology along with the increase in LED light output up to 30%.

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This is a great offering as the traditional mercury lamp is far older than the latest colour spectrum. The advanced technology also enables the projectors to feel free from the worries of maintenance.

Casio’s latest technology allows less repair cost as the parts that replace are low in expensive. In the past, as the mercury lamps are more costly and hazardous. Moreover, all the parts are environmentally friendly and eco-based manufactured.


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