Apple is planning to launch a pair of wireless earbuds packed with the extended battery life, says the sources. According to the reports, the most reliable time for unveiling the new product is in September as Apple already preparing to showcase their new generation iPhones at the beginning of the month.

Rumors have surfaced for some time that the latest generation iPhones will ignore the 3.5mm headphone jack. These wireless earbuds are yet to receive a name which has been in the development phase for few years’ sources cited by the Forbes.

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The major challenge manufacturers are facing is when crafting the wireless earbuds is the same with all the wearable devices: battery capacity. Reports say that recently Apple will employ technology from the Pass if Semiconductor which is great in the power efficient chipsets which Apple bought three years ago.

This is little surprise that Apple is building a set of Bluetooth-capable headphones and on the other hand all the major tech companies are designing the side projects which may or may not reach the market or get embedded into the main products of the enterprise.  Whatever Apple is using the in-house technology for developing the new device which is entirely plausible.

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Apple usually tries to buy the advanced components from the best quality suppliers like Qualcomm. When the thing are not going properly from the outside the enterprise, then Apple assigns its resources to work and asks their engineering team to build the components.

When we think about the wireless earbuds, Apple already dipped into this product class earlier. Apple already has a lot of experience and know how to cramming the wireless audio technology in the little designs. The beats models which are massively popular and the iPhone Bluetooth headsets are such examples.

“If the headphone jack is removed, we estimate that shift to Bluetooth to become more accelerated,” says Ben Arnold, an analyst with NPD.