Apple Acquires Turi

Apple Inc Buys Machine Learning Platform and AI Startup TURI. This is not Apple acquire for the first time. Previously it also buys Perceptio, a company that specialised in machine learning and image recognition in last year September 2015.

Why Apple is interested in acquiring the successful new startups

Apple will not discuss their plans or their future purpose. Likely, the giant tech company is buying to make its services much smarter. Turi buys Apple for around $200 million according to Geekwire.

It seems that Apple is crushing the new startups by acquiring them all like SIRI, Emotient, Perceptio and the other face of the coin say with this acquisition, the employees will get excellent opportunities like working with the top most tech giant company (Apple).

Apple announces Bug bounty Program with Maximum $200,000 reward

Till now Apple purchased VocallQ, Emotient, Perceptio and now Turi, all are machine learning platforms and AI startups. Turi also to be known as Dato and GraphLab which changed its name in last July is well known for Machine learning platform for developers and data scientists.

Turi formerly known as Dato and GraphLab, is a machine learning platform that the company is specialised in and also deliver products like GraphLab Create, Predictive Services, etc., we have to watch out whether Turi’s team will remain in Seattle or will move to Apple.


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