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Facebook Reportedly Planning to Create App for Television Set Top Boxes

Facbeook changes

Facebook Inc is planning to create an app for the Television Set Top Boxes. The world biggest online social network is also in discussions with the media companies for the long licence form and TV-Quality programming.

According to the reports of Wall Street Journal, the social media giant is also asking the publishers to create exclusive TV shows for it. The newly introducing Facebook App would be available for the boxes including Apple Inc’s Apple TV.

The Facebook App for Television Set Top Boxes would bring the company closer to the video advertisements and live video. The planned app reportedly be the all-video and could see the Facebook multiple 30-second ads into the content. By getting the advertisers to buy more video ads is a key factor for the company’s revenue growth.

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Moreover, such apps fetch higher rates from the advertisers than the test or photo-based ads. Nowadays, the live video streaming also becomes the highly competitive features among the social platforms. The companies are also competing to stream the major sports events and exclusive videos of high-profile events such as Oscars and Grammy awards.

Videos on Facebook consists mostly short clips and live video streams. Meanwhile, the cable bundle was gradually decreasing nowadays as the tech companies creating to TV programmes for advertising to their platforms.

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Google (YouTube), Snapchat (Discover) and Twitter (Live Shows) are implementing this type of process. In the month of April, the Facebook expanded its live video option, Facebook Live. It rolls out the features to make it easier for the users to search and make a comment in real time. Now they announced about creating the App for Television Set Top Boxes to build a more stable business.

Here’s a New Way to Watch Facebook Videos on Your TV

Facebook Videos streaming on TV

Why do you need to settle for viewing your FAVORITE Facebook videos just on the PC and mobile screens if you can really watch them on TV which is comparatively a bigger screen?

Facebook has replaced the small screens in your pockets. Facebook now lets you stream videos through Apple TV and Google Chrome-cast. This new video streaming phase introduction involves a dedicated & passionate work and a numerous step wise trails over past few years for the entire transformation to take place into a bonafide online platform.

Today the world’s largest and the most popular social network announced on the new way of enabling videos from Facebook to TV using equipment like Google Chromecast and Apple TV, which covers the web. This possibility to stream videos from Facebook to TV with the help of Google Chromecast and Apple TV allows firm its position and rendering an on-going push on the video front.

Facebook Videos streaming on TV

This  Streaming of Facebook videos to Apple TV, Chromecast as well as other Air Play and Google Cast-enabled devices is done through an iOS device or  web browser. The Apple TV is now supported along with other Air Play enabled devices. You can also stream through iOS device or a web browser if you have a Chromocast.

Casting from an Android device will soon be enabled in the next few weeks. The confirmation from Facebook is given that its users will further be able to cast videos from not only Android devices but even Chromecast also.

Significant resources have been invested by the company for transforming the social News Feed into a collection zone of various kinds of video; they include the live streamed clips from an unknown person’s phone to professionally edited videos crafted by news organizations.

Wouldn’t you feel thrilled watching the Facebook videos on a much bigger screen??

The users can even scroll and keep checking the New Feed even when the videos are being played on the TV. The News Feed or Saved tabs also allows checking for more videos to watch. The users can also join themselves by liking, reacting and commenting upon the real-time reactions and comments on the screen while the Facebook Live is being played.

However, by any means, this feature is not a pioneering and innovative one. YouTube which is considered the world’s largest and biggest online video platform has already had it for quite a long time. Being able to multitask at the same time, that is; watching social network videos on the big screen while browsing too at the same time makes the users and visitors of Facebook happier.

Facebook Videos Streaming into TV

This breaks its limitations of browsing Facebook videos only on the 11 inch PC screen because the possibility has extended to a TV screen. Now, one can even watch newest Star Wars “Rogue One” trailer on a bigger screen.

Here are few steps for you to view videos on a bigger screen 

  • In the Facebook app or website, open a video and click the “TV” symbol on the upper right hand corner.
  • Now select the device you want to stream to from the list of streaming devices available and it is all done.
  • Enjoy your favourite video on the TV.

Now, you can also be able to like, react and comment on phone or PC while watching the other viewers doing the same.

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The videos from Facebook Live can also be streamed on the TV, which can be done from the mobile. Each day, on Facebook more than 100 million hours of videos are consumed. As the competition is very high with Twitter, YouTube, and Snap in comparison to the best content which grabs attention, this is considered as the biggest deal for this social networking company.

Facebook is offering the best current videos of happenings around to be watched on much bigger screens. It might be a cute video of a cat or a dog playing the piano, home movies of a newborn or video of an instance in the world. Facebook is thankful for Apple TV and Chromecast devices.

The main focus of Facebook is to create better video experiences that people desire and make them enjoy their favourite videos on a bigger screen. If the company can attract more social users, then it can win the living rooms of the houses by providing them with high-quality videos and also live broadcasts.

Apple iOS 10, TVOS 10 and Watchos 3 has Updated Features Lure The Users

Apple iOS 10
New Gadgets, New OS from Apple iOS 10 hail the Gadget Market Globally

Apple iOS 10 for iPhones and Televisions have been released. OS3 has released for Smart watches. In this article, we bring you the latest information on how to download them and use them. Updated version has a bunch of new apps.

Messages are now made more effective (invisible ink, gently, loudly, or slam), expressive. iMessage Apps, Handwritten, full screen, quick replies, digital messages (sketches, taps, heartbeats, etc.), new emoji effects, share and collaborate with friends, downloading options (stickers, photos, text bubbles).

Siri also got updated with its types of apps for sending, searching (images and photos), reading the text messages, Ride bookings, making payments, Fitness, and an automaker. VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) will now available for Phone calls making.

New looking Maps will be available from now to guide the routes, marking appointments in a calendar. Face cam detection feature in iPhone will be used for grouping photos and videos. Easy sharing app will make friends, family members happier when compared to the past.

Security apps made more versatile now. One can share family and friends home access. Remote accessibility made so easy that Apple TV and iPad gadgets can be interconnected. Apple News is also available for the users on fingertips.

Now, iCloud Drive supports Desktop saved Documents and folders from macOS. With Apple’s Smart watches, watch faces, navigation and control music. Maps using Siri can be used in watches too. Wheelchair use is an additional feature that has been added.

TVs OS10 also has almost the same functions that are carried out in Siri. Remote keyboard for TV is something that is cherishable. With the help of a room kit of Apple, the individuals can have the controls in the room like switching off lights and fans, etc.

BitTorrent Officially Launches ‘BitTorrent Now’ Streaming App For iOS And Apple TV

iOS and Apple TV users may now enjoy official BitTorrent Now app

BitTorrent introduced a new streaming app, BitTorrent Now earlier this year. The app allows users to stream various music and videos. Since its launch, the app is only available for Android devices. But now the peer-to-peer illegal content sharing platform, BitTorrent has announced that the app is officially available for iOS and Apple TV devices.

Now, users are enabled to choose from different publishers available now under BitTorrent Now platform. BitTorrent announced that a variety of publishers have signed up as content providers on the BitTorrent Now Platform, which is constructed for artists and filmmakers to publish their art, publishers include IHeartComix, The Onion, and Super Deluxe publishers.

“We’re a rabbit hole of on-demand songs, stories, and more for fans looking for that next, best thing,” the app explains about itself in the App Store.

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Over the years, BitTorrent has gained a name as a source where users can access illegal content that is often shared on its platform. But now BitTorrent Now app is entirely legal and content streaming service works like all other content streaming apps. Well, some of the content on the app is available for free, and few will cost you. And some of the content shared is ad-supported. However, BitTorrent is finally capable of launching true apps for iOS and TvOS. BitTorrent Now App is available for download on App Store.

“We’re dedicated to sharing the world’s original, experimental, and straight-up brave stories in a way that gives these creators a sustainable future for their art,” stated app developers in a statement. “When you see advertising, we share that revenue in a fair and transparent way with our creative community. Directly support the artists who you want to succeed.”

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BitTorrent is not using peer-to-peer technology anymore like it used to do earlier. It is interesting that the content will be now directly streamed to the end-users through servers. BitTorrent Now app uses a Bundle format, which means users need to sign-in or pay to view the content on BitTorrent. With bundle format, BitTorrent has better command of their content, which means it is now capable of controlling who sees the content and where it is being shared.

“We are marrying the Internet’s principles of open access to information with society’s need for unfettered – and unfiltered – access to news,” said Jeremy Johnson, Co-Chief Executive Officer at BitTorrent in a statement.

You can now search YouTube through Siri on Apple TV

YouTube through Siri on Apple TV

Now, you can make your Apple TV smarter with the highly advanced digital vocal assistant Siri. It helps you to search for YouTube videos on your Apple TV. Apple’s new and powerful Siri for Apple TV was released and highlighted in front of the audience at World Wide Developers Conference on 13th June. The new features of Siri are now made available for all 4th generation Apple TVs.

So, you can now command your device with oice, as the more efficient personal assistant Siri makes it easy for you to find YouTube videos on Apple TV. Let me explain with an illustration here- If you wish to search for Selena Gomez “kill Em with Kidness vevo” or “Same old Love official video” it is very easy with your Siri remote, just command your Siri remote “show me Selena Gomez’s Kill Em with Kindness video on YouTube.” Your Apple TV will enter your search commands into the YouTube app.

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Siri is going to help you in more directions like; you can search for specific recordings, individuals or channels on YouTube. On a broader sense Siri can help you with the general terms like it can search “Funny baby videos” and more on your Apple TV. And Siri’s transcription search additionally works inside the YouTube application. And very interestingly, when you are looking for an individual or artist’s album on YouTube, Siri will immediately show you their official channel followed by mixed videos

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On a wide side Siri can currently search 650,000 shows and movies across 20 varied services. But you should note that Siri’s search for videos in YouTube on Apple TV is distinctly different from general search. It is by the design, as experts think that combining YouTube searches with general searches would give messy experience to the user.