iOS and Apple TV users may now enjoy official BitTorrent Now app

BitTorrent introduced a new streaming app, BitTorrent Now earlier this year. The app allows users to stream various music and videos. Since its launch, the app is only available for Android devices. But now the peer-to-peer illegal content sharing platform, BitTorrent has announced that the app is officially available for iOS and Apple TV devices.

Now, users are enabled to choose from different publishers available now under BitTorrent Now platform. BitTorrent announced that a variety of publishers have signed up as content providers on the BitTorrent Now Platform, which is constructed for artists and filmmakers to publish their art, publishers include IHeartComix, The Onion, and Super Deluxe publishers.

“We’re a rabbit hole of on-demand songs, stories, and more for fans looking for that next, best thing,” the app explains about itself in the App Store.

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Over the years, BitTorrent has gained a name as a source where users can access illegal content that is often shared on its platform. But now BitTorrent Now app is entirely legal and content streaming service works like all other content streaming apps. Well, some of the content on the app is available for free, and few will cost you. And some of the content shared is ad-supported. However, BitTorrent is finally capable of launching true apps for iOS and TvOS. BitTorrent Now App is available for download on App Store.

“We’re dedicated to sharing the world’s original, experimental, and straight-up brave stories in a way that gives these creators a sustainable future for their art,” stated app developers in a statement. “When you see advertising, we share that revenue in a fair and transparent way with our creative community. Directly support the artists who you want to succeed.”

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BitTorrent is not using peer-to-peer technology anymore like it used to do earlier. It is interesting that the content will be now directly streamed to the end-users through servers. BitTorrent Now app uses a Bundle format, which means users need to sign-in or pay to view the content on BitTorrent. With bundle format, BitTorrent has better command of their content, which means it is now capable of controlling who sees the content and where it is being shared.

“We are marrying the Internet’s principles of open access to information with society’s need for unfettered – and unfiltered – access to news,” said Jeremy Johnson, Co-Chief Executive Officer at BitTorrent in a statement.