FaceTime Patent War Between Apple and VirnetX may cost $302.4 million 

Globally, Apple has its own craze among users and buyers. But is has its own problems related to the technologies included in the iPhone. Since 2010 there is a case against the American multinational technology company Apple Inc. regarding face detection technology.

VirnetX has sued Apple for using its face time technology without permission. This is a breach of patent rights. Hence, Apple is struggling to come out clean. But, the situation seems to be unfavorable for the company.

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Worldwide VirnetX Company has over 80 Internet security patents, and 100 patents pending on its name. Apple has lost the patent war in regarding to the face time technology. All new models are using this technology without finalizing this issue. Federal court in the Eastern District of Texas has given a judgment in favoring VirnetX and a payment of pay $302.4 million. Now, the due amount has pooled up to $600 million.

Apple hopes to get some relief at least in the US courts where the matter is presently pending. This is the only hope that is making Apple stand against the payment. The judgement is important for both. VirnetX will only get payment if it wins in the US court. Hence, the judgement is awaited by both.

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On the other side, VirnetX also sued Apple for using some of its patented security systems like iMessage. This is also in trails before the law. Anyhow, this is a separate case that is running between the two. Patents rights are very important for the companies to abide by. Any breach in this regard will cost the tech companies with huge revenue loss and an estimated financial burden.

Almost all the tech giant companies are struggling with the Patent issues in one or the other cases. But Apple might suffer a huge financial loss if the US court also delivers its judgement in favour of VirnetX.


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