Google Maps Recent Update Shows Where Next Calendar Appointment Is

Google has unveiled the latest update to Google Maps, integrating with Google Calendar. This feature is rolling out to all users throughout the world. So don’t get surprised when you came across with this update. This new features for the Android users will get a start, and you can find the Google Calendar events on Google Maps.

The events will appear on Google Maps once the address updated in ‘Where’ box of the Google Calendar Event. The another requirement for getting results correctly is, you have to sign in the both Google Calendar and Google Maps with the same account.

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In addition to these points on maps, the user will able to see the list of upcoming events.  You can view all the places of your calendar, by opening the sidebar menu in Google Maps. You can hide events from the map by tapping on them and hit on dismiss.

One more thing, Google Maps is having new personal content manager near the settings tab in the side menu. Just turn off it for the things which you don’t want to get on the maps.

As per update, one of the spokesperson got in touch to clarify that Google is also planning to include this thing in the existing integrations of Google Maps in Gmail and Google Contacts. Currently Confirmation of emails for the hotel, flight or restaurant reservations have already shown up on the maps. These bookings now also treated as the “Events” and now shown in an upcoming tab in your places.

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You can find all of your family members, friends, and coworkers live by just typing their name in the Google contacts. The addresses will show on the Maps. Don’t worry these aren’t real time updates.

It is happy to see the integration and have to wait for the rolling out of the update.


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