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Do You Know Where 62% of US Adults gets the most of the NEWS from?

According to the recent survey conducted by the PEW research centre, the users who reach the news websites are navigated from the top social networking website – Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, etc. The survey was done for the 4654 people and most of them are visited the news sites from their favourite social networking site.

Apart from this study, News use across Social Media Platforms 2016, 62% of the US adults get the news from the social media. The no of users who use Facebook in US and Canada are increasing monthly. Proportionally Facebook is holding monthly 222 million active users and 1.6 billion throughout the world. In this scenario we can understand, social media sites are the primary source for the news.

US Court Ordered Amazon to Refund Money on App Purchases

Earlier in the year 2013 PEW research centre has conducted the study and this is the second time. From the initial survey, they had noted the growth in the social platforms as the sources to the news sites.  Notice the changes happened on the different social sites with the earlier years and present year (2013-2016).

The difference was observed mainly on Facebook and the ratio changed from 47% to 66%. Followed by Twitter 52% to 59%. Reddit holds the top position with 70% in the year 2016 although the user base is less than the Facebook.

Pew surveyed the total of 4654 American adults, with the coordination with the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. The study is done by the mail and online in the month of January and February. After the successful completion of the study, the margin of error for the entire group is estimated at 2.4 percentage points.

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Twitter Replaces Moments With Explore in the Mobile App Version to Bring A New Look and Functionality

Twitter is planning to replace the “Moments” tab with “Explore” tab for the mobile version. Though this is in the beta version, the users of iOS and Android versions are experiencing the new look.

In a bid to make the search in the mobile app more efficient, Twitter has taken the process of changing the icon along with its functioning. Though there might be no much impact as changing the name, it surely will be more meaningful than the early tab name.

At first, Twitter had a “Discover” tab option at the center in the line bottom of its navigation line. It was replaced as “Moments.” And now it is again replaced with “Explore.”

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram sell data to Geofeedia which in-turn sells to other agencies

The functionality of Discover tab was to mainly find new accounts to follow and track the most viewed news. Moments, as the name suggests, has the daily moments and standard collections.

Now, the Explore will have the combination facilities and functionalities of discovery and moments.

Once, testing phase is passed, the news update will include the tab in full pledged manner. Though Twitter sources say that the Explore will be outside of room provided till date. The standard timeline is the search that was conducted till date. But now it is expected that this confined boundary might be erased off with Explore tab. There is no official announcement as such.

Twitter Moments Enables Users to Create Their Own Moments

On the other hand, it is still in pending regarding the sale of Twitter.  It is heard that Sales force is in front for the bids. Google has stepped back in the process. Hence there are more chances for the giant company Salesforce.com

To boost up, the live streaming of the biggest debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton has been successfully taken up by Twitter. Two debates so far have fetched good results for the news tweeter.

“Twitter Moments” Enables Users to Create Their Own Moments

Image Source: techproducts

Twitter has rolled out a new version of its storytelling feature called Moments. The online social networking service company has opened up the moment’s platform which enables anyone can create their own stories using the photos and tweets uploaded to the service.

The feature “Twitter Moments” first introduced back in October 2015 collecting the tweets of a common subject. Recently, certain publishing partners and Twitter employees had been charged with organizing the moment’s section.

If Google Buys Twitter, That will be a Perfect Spot for on YouTube

The company has opened up the feature to select brands and individual influencers last month. A video accompanied the tweet on Tuesday, and the new feature runs through creating customized moments, collecting from the accounts with tweets and appears as per the subject.

As if now, the new feature is only available to the desktop format and soon will also make its debut in mobile apps. A user in the new moments counter profile will see a ‘create a moment’ button on the desktop version of Twitter.

Twitter Focus on Google’s Bid for a Potential Sale Deal

Clicking on it enables the add series of tweets of the Moment along with a cover photo. Twitter also made the process a bit easier by including the ‘liked’ tweets or search for others on the platform.

However, moment’s feature might not take more often as many users are less enthusiastic. The moment’s feature launched last year with an idea of providing a new reason to use Twitter.

But the idea was an acceptable success in short-form content like Snapchat’s stories for instance. Many of the company’s iconic features come from individual users who make sense that the moments opened up for everyone.

It actually means the creation and sharing of more moments to generate some fun with how they’re being used. Hope, this new feature which includes the content may create much broader and more compelling narratives with the company.

If Google Buys Twitter, That will be a Perfect Spot for Twitter on YouTube

Twitter is making a serious effort for Sale. The social networking company is getting slow down with some reasons and is ready to be sold out. It has talks concerning its acquisition with Salesforce, Microsoft, and Verizon. Even the Disney is considering a bid too. -  According to an official source.

The result would be efficient by combining the fastest and slowest social networks. Well, all the question raises here is which company will be the best for acquisition. The Company is struggling with monetization and growth, but still, it remains as a pulse for the planet generating real content and engagement.

Google’s Future Smartphone Google Pixel Image Leaked in Online 

Besides YouTube will be the best match as it lacks form from the recent past with its performance. The collaboration of both Twitter and YouTube will be the best fit if Google is willing to pay for the Twitter.

Google has many of its products which can mesh well with Twitter. The Company is estimating for a total sum of $30million. Google can ingest Twitter’s data Firehorse which helps Google its goal of organizing the world’s information.

This would enable Google for more additional insights to look at what’s happening around the world and the reactions for the happenings. The other advantage for Google is, it can monetize all its data with combining to the Twitter’s data from AdWords and Adsense.

Apart from this, uniting Twitter’s constant chatter and YouTube’s  videos collection will be the best synergy totally. This firm integration synergy makes the frequency of the visitors re-visit the site for many times.

Google Celebrates its 18th Birthday With A Doodle

The Twitter into YouTube alliance creates stuff with off-the-cuff Tweets and polished Videos. Al the whole collaboration creates one-stop-shop. YouTube has recently believed to design a logo replacing the old one with Twitter-style feature calling it as YouTube Community.

If Twitter unites with Google, that allows YouTube for tough competition with Facebook. As Facebook is forward and advanced in capturing an enormous number of audience with its video discovery.

Finally, Twitter could benefit from exposure through YouTube‘s mainstream for videos, especially for ten audiences.

Facebook ‘News Feed’ Feature Celebrates its Successful 10th Year Completion Today

Amidst of much opposition from a large section of users, Facebook News Feed feature was launched by the social networking site in 2006. Now, News Feed has become one of the essential feature of Facebook.

In the early stages when the feature was not a part of the site, the look was customizable by the user. On adding the feature, the entire look of the Home page has changed. Many new features appeared on the Home page of Facebook such as the Friend’s list. And also their activities along with important events like upcoming Birthdays, profile changes, etc.

Facebook Takes on Snapchat, adds “Instant Video” to Messenger

In 2011, exactly after 5 years of introduction of the feature, it had become a part and parcel of the site. It made the users twice in growth. This is stated by one of the engineer’s, Mr. Andrew Bosworth of News Feed who is now the Vice-President of ads and business platform in Facebook.

It can be said a dramatic change as the users opposed the feature at the start and they have made the feature so acceptable now. The opposing of this feature even went to the extent where the users threatened to leave if the feature is not turned off.

Mark Zuckerberg keeps up the Promise by Selling $95 Million of Stocks for Charity

Mark Zuckerberg has posted a message about the News Feed successful ten years completion. He stated that invention of the feature is one of the memorable and favourite stories of Facebook’s history. He termed Facebook News Feed as “Most Advanced Systems” they have ever built.

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