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No More Tea Bags for having Tea. One spray in your mouth would fulfill your desire of having Tea. Tasting a cup of tea is a process in the early times, and in the recent past. We have Tea bags. Now, you could have ‘Tea by ONE SPRAY.’

Here is a product called “No More Tea Bags.” It is made possible by discharging ‘Aerosol’ concentration into your mouth directly, or you can spray in your favorite container, add hot water. This feels like more efficient with an appropriate option. This not only saves your time, but you can also carry anywhere with you apart from steeping teabags.

The creator was Guy Woodall, who made this brown-meets-high-brown hybrid which makes the aerosol type of products viable says to a news official. Woodall said “I started developing it in the glass, the trouble we had to use chemical preservatives, and I didn’t want to do that, I realized that.  Why can’t we put the Tea in (an aerosol can) in a sterile condition and which is completely isolated from the atmosphere.”

One consumer tells to a news official, “It’s an interesting, interesting flavour. This is probably more than what I thought, as an average cup of tea. A lot of People would probably love this, this flavour and this convenience. But I think as people are demanding more from their tea, I think this may get smaller.”

This No More Tea Bags aerosol can come with three different cans namely; Plain, Jasmine, Earl Grey. No More Tea Bags Price: £4.95 per 200ml

No More Tea Bags says each aerosol cans which comes with enough concentrate for about 20 cups. This beverage results “better tasting” even some British tea-drinkers may disagree as they use refined palates. No More Tea Bags Buy Online at

Benefits of No More Tea Bags

  • Properly brewed better tasting tea
  • No more used tea bags to dispose of
  • Easily control the strength of your tea
  • Hotter, tastier tea in an instant