Baby Boy Was Born With 3 DNA New Technique in Mexico

The world’s first baby was born with a new technique of combining DNA of three people in the embryo, in a process to fight mother’s genetic condition. The Scientist has revealed that the world’s first baby by using a ‘three person fertility technique’ was born.

The baby boy was born five months ago in Mexico to Jordanian parents, and he is healthy and doing well now. The baby has the DNA from his mother, father and tiny bit of genetic code from the donor. The procedure implemented by US Specialists in Mexico.

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To ensure the baby boy was free from the genetic condition that his mother carries in her genes. The boy’s mother carries a genes disorder known as Leigh Syndrome. A fatal nervous system disorder which she passed to her two previous children who were died of the disease at the age of six and eight months respectively.

Children with this disease will rarely live up to six to eight years. The couple met the Dr. John Zhang, an endocrinologist at New Hope Fertility Centre in New York. It was not approved in the US to try the three DNA technique.

He and his team members perform the controversial procedure in Mexico, where there are no rules. This technique called as Spindle nuclear transfer. The procedure involves removing the healthy nucleus from the mother’s egg. And then transfers it to the donor’s egg with the nucleus removed. It then is fertilized with father’s sperm.

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It results in providing DNA from three different people, the mother, father and egg donor.

“This is the very first time at least in human reproduction that the offspring produced with three parties – one sperm and different parts of two eggs,” Zhang said to the reporters. “So this is very revolutionary.”

The baby was born with no signs of disease, and there are very fewer chances to develop into the disease from his cells.