Instagram Events has made easy for its users to watch the Live Video Events across the world. Adding many applications which allow to streaming services and broadcasting is now made hassle free with the Instagram update.

This Facebook-owned company has added the new event video channel for exploring the tab, so the users will be able to experience the events which might like and know happening around the world, says Instagram. However, you will not able to see the live video for the news events, like the Facebook’s Live and Twitter’s Periscope feature.

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The event channels are triggered by the events where the people will upload the video from the same location during the time of the event. To trigger an event they must have a certain number of videos produced within those constraints.

In Turkey, recently Facebook Live and Periscope app features were used heavily during the recent attempted coup and in a showdown between the Republicans and Democrats at the House of Representatives during this time TV cameras were shut down.

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The home page of the of the Twitter’s Periscope shows a map of the world and pins for identifying easily where live streams are coming in from.

Instagram says “The channel collects the best videos from concerts, sporting events and more. When one of your favourite artists has a concert in another city, you can come to Explore and watch videos of the show as it happens.”

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One of the famous music artist Adele saw on Instagram on Wednesday. Which is the only new channel available in the US at first? The things and posts you view on the Instagram depend on who you follow. For example, if you follow any athletes, then for an instance you will be able to see their clips.