Instagram is planning to release live video streaming which can start with a red button named Go Insta. It is testing live video in its stories feature. Snapchat is one of the social networking sites which allows users to post images and videos as part of the story. But it will disappear after 24 hours. In the same way Instagram is introducing Go insta, but we are not sure about span of time.

As we all know, Instagram is social networking site which is used for online photo sharing, video sharing, etc. By 2010 it has 1 million registered users; by 2011 it has 5 million registered users, in 2012, 30 million users registered. At present 300 million to 500 million users are using Instagram.

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To start the live streaming, users have to click the large red button named Go insta. After that, it starts broadcasting. We can’t say videos will remain for only 24 hours or not, that details should be announced by the officials of Instagram. It seems to be limited to live videos for Russian users. It soon to be launched in the US also.

On August 2nd Company introduced a new feature called Instagram stories. Users can take photos of their moments and make a story. They can edit their photos and save it as ‘your story’. They have options watch, create and choose people to watch story. Many users enjoyed this feature.

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Now they are introducing live video streaming in ‘your story’ feature. Now they can enjoy the video clippings. Whereas in Instagram stories, photos which are saved in the main profile will remain safe or else it will delete exactly after 24 hours. We still don’t know company included same feature in live streaming videos or not.


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