External peripherals were used as weapons in hacking by the cyber attackers. The foundation was laid a month before Friday’s attack. A Mirai code which is a malicious malware was placed on the Internet.

The affect is however confined to the Eastern part of America and some of the European countries.

Twitter, PayPal, Spotify and Reddit are the major prey’s of this cyber attack. Some of the news websites also struggled due to this attack.

Internet connected accessories like Digital recorders and web cameras have become the weapons for this largest attack.

DDOS Attack On State’s Internet Service Providers: Cops Filed FIR

DDoS or Distributed Denial of services which make the traffic immense and create the virtual traffic for a particular server is a type of cyber attack.

Investigating agencies quickly launched their precautionary measures. Though they are not so affective as the hackers used the most difficult methods to tackle.

Earlier, Middle-East countries suffered with the same type of attacks. Dyn is a company which is involved in the Internet traffic controlling. The US based company along with Flashpoint is jointly investigating into the cyber attack issue.

The Internet security breach is a challenging task for all the investigating authorities. FBI and US Department of Homeland security is also continuing with its own investigations.

Million job opportunities in India by 2025 in Cyber Security: Nasscom  

Hundreds of thousands of internet access points have been identified for the cyber attack. Unfortunately, tracing the IP addresses and blocking them could not solve the problem.

Google and OpenDNS cannot be blocked as they will stop the entire services on the internet. The attackers have chosen the Google and OpenDNS to initiate hacking.

Most of the top sites have confirmed the cyber attack. Twitter has confirmed the news. PayPal released a statement apologizing the users for non-functioning of the site in London for quite some time. But the company has not confirmed the cyber attack.


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