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Instagram Launches Its Own Lite App for Users

Around 8 years back in October 2010, Facebook launched Instagram after several months of testing. Never did they know the app would get millions of users in such less time. Just like Facebook, Instagram is also a social networking site to upload photos, videos and share real-time information from your smartphone.

A recent statistics search on Instagram showed that the number of downloads and usage has been increasing in billions per month. The app has been getting quite a good number of followers from the day of launch with such a huge success. It seems like Instagram wants to extend its usage worldwide with its new release of Instagram Lite, an app that occupies just 573 Kilobytes. This will not only save your phone’s internal memory but at the same time allows you to post photos and videos with its advanced filter options. It has many options similar to Instagram, but lacks the option of sending messages right now.

Back in 2015, Facebook launched its Facebook Lite app, which occupies just 1.6 MB of your phone’s storage. Users who cannot afford a 3G/4G network will still be able to access the app with just 2G network.

Walking along the same footsteps as that of Facebook, Instagram Lite has been released for android devices. Reportedly, millions of users are happy with this release. Currently, the app is limited only for particular countries but will be soon available on Play Store.

In today’s world where social media platform has such a huge demand in our society in terms of awareness, faster reach and promoting businesses, why should people with low-end network be left behind in such fast moving world? To meet the needs of people, apps like Facebook, Twitter and Google have been launching their own apps from years.

If your phone is running out of storage and you need to delete some of your favorite applications or images, you can install Instagram Lite.

Instagram Just Added a New Feature That You Might Not Like

Instagram, as we know, is the one of the most popular social media apps. It is both mobile and desktop internet-based social media application, which was developed in 2010. And later, it was sold to Facebook for 18 billion dollars and now it is being developed and maintained by Facebook. As we all know, Facebook is the king of the social world attracting almost every business around us.

They are continuously developing and adding new features to Facebook and Instagram. Facebook and Instagram have a lot of talented developers adding some really cool features to these apps. Instagram is in continuous development and they are continuously adding a new feature every month.

Last time, they added a story feature using which you can add Instagram stories in the ‘About me’ section. This means you can highlight your stories and show them directly just after ‘About me’ info, which is a really cool feature as it will help people and businesses too to showcase their product directly from their profile info. Whenever someone visits, they can directly see that the stories will be posted just after the ‘About me’ section. People really like this feature and have appreciated Instagram for this.

Instagram has added one more feature last Thursday using which you can see the ‘last checked’ of your friends in your inbox itself.

People aren’t really that happy with this new feature because Instagram was the only app, which kept you anonymous all the time and you can easily use the app without being noticed by your friends. But, now it’s not possible as you can easily see when your friends have last checked into Instagram because of the new feature.

However, at least it doesn’t tell all the people when you were last on Instagram except the people with whom you do private chatting or with the people you share images on the Instagram app. This means only people who are connected to you can see when you have last checked into Instagram and not anyone else on Instagram.

Instagram Introduces Two-Factor Authentication Feature: How to Activate this New Feature

All Instagram users can now protect their accounts by the new feature added to the app. Instagram added an extra layer of security in terms of protection by adding the Two-Factor Authentication. Through this feature, the user can protect their accounts from hacking. This feature was introduced first for selected users and now the company rolls out for all.

Along with this new two-factor authentication, Instagram has also rolled out other updates as well. The photo-sharing app will soon put up a screen on the sensitive photos and also on video in the user’s feed or when they visit someone’s profile. The screen will appear only if someone in the community reports about the post followed by confirmation. The user can simply tap on it to see the post covered by a screen.

The Co-founder & CEO of Instagram Kevin Systrom said, “Last September, we made a commitment to the community to keep Instagram a safe place for everyone and built tools to safeguard self-expression on our platform. This year we will continue to act on that commitment and also concentrate on fostering kindness.”

In order to activate Two-Factor Authentication on Instagram:

  • Click on the gear icon which is present at the top right on your profile.
  • And then tap on Two-Factor Authentication.
  • Now enable ‘Require Security Code’ option.
  • Now you need to add a phone number to your account.
  • After you added the number, you will get a security code you log in to your Instagram account.

Enabling Two-Factor Authentication will help the user in terms of security. It helps in reduce the risk of hacking as the account will be logged in only when you enter the security code. Google’s Gmail and Whatsapp have already introduced this Two-Factor Authentication feature.

Instagram New Feature Lets You Share 10 Photos and Videos in a Single Post

Want to share multiple photos or videos or the combination of both in a single post. Now the feature is came into live with the Instagram new update. It finally rolled out the awaited feature of sharing multiple videos and photos in a single post.

The number is limited to 10. So, you can upload 10 photos at a time which is easy for your followers to swipe through all photos and videos in one place.

The update about showing a new icon which will let you select multiple photos and videos will be rolled out soon. You have the chance to change the order after selecting the photos and videos.  Filters can apply to these pictures either individually or in a batch.

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This feature has been available for advertisers, but this is the first time becoming accessible to the public. To access this feature, you have to press the new icon on the bottom right of the image and then select up to 10. To change the order of the image, you have to tap and hold on the image.

Your followers will be able to swipe the carousels from side to side. Instagram is limiting the photos to a single caption and square aspect ratios for now.

Instagram said in a blog post, “In feed, you’ll see blue dots at the bottom of these posts to let you know you can swipe to see more. You can like and comment on them just like a regular post.”

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Instagram album feature is quite useful for many users. People can send 10 images or videos of single topic. If you are a food blogger you can share 10 recipes in a single post, fashion blogger can send step by step process with images in a single post. This update is available for iOS and Android.

Instagram Stories get stickers and a hands-free camera option

No matter where you are upto, now you can add context and creativity to your stories in the Instagram. The Facebook-owned photo sharing service, Instagram introduced a set of tools namely stickers, holiday fun and more.

In last month, the company updated the version by adding Boomerang to make the stories more fun. Now you have new options to turn any moment into something you want to share with your friends and followers.

Instagram adds ‘Saved’ tab feature for Android users: Allows you to save posts without getting noticed

You can make your Stories game by adding more fun to it like stickers using a new button that appears when you take a picture or video. By tapping on the smiley face will offer you customised labels as per the weather, current time and even your location.

How to add stickers to your Stories
  • After you have taken the image or video, you can see a new stickers button next to the text and draw tools.
  • Tap on the smiley face for customizable options.
  • Adding the location labels is same as adding the location to your posts you share. For this, you can just choose and search for the location.
  • People who are watching your story if they click on the location sticker they learn more about the location.
  • But your story won’t show in the location page itself.
  • You can add as many stickers as you want.

Making stickers of your own is easy. You can move them around, make bigger or smaller and even choose from different styles. The Subtle stickers let your photos or videos shine, and Vibrant stickers bring extra pop to your story.

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Adding Holiday Fun to the Stories
  • The updated version comes with a set of holiday stickers only for the few weeks.
  • Candy cane which is a unique option which brings a sweet addition to your drawing tools.
  • Keep an eye on another set of stickers in this holiday season and for the New Year bash.

Other options include Hands-free, which lets you start recording the video with only one tap. There is no need to press and hold. A new slider allows you to adjust the size easily with an automatic text wrap.

The Instagram Stories update is available on the app latest version 10.3. It is available for both Android and iOS devices.

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