Mystery of Bermuda Triangle solved

Bermuda Triangle name refers to an ocean region bordered by Florida, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico.

According to a new Science Channel documentary, the hexagonal shaped clouds are creating winds with the speeds of 106 kmph (65 mph) which act as air bombs. Due to this ships sink and planes crashed.

Bermuda Triangle has one more angle. Some say that actually it doesn’t exist. No Existence – No mystery then nothing to solve.

Despite unexplained plane crashes and shipwrecks in the area, such opinions still exists.

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Bermuda Triangle came into lime light when a journalist, Edward Van Winkle Jones, wrote a story about large number of ships and planes disappearing in the region in 1950s.

This took off in 1970s when Charles Berlitz published one of the best-selling books “The Bermuda Triangle”. Some even speculated about UFOs visiting the region.

None had actually checked about the facts. Only claims of missing boats and planes the place is being highlighted. A journalist, Larry Kusche after a few years research discovered that there is no mystery to solve.

He stated about the ‘mysterious disappearances‘ as freaks and reporting mistakes or unnecessary fabrications.

Benjamin Radford, Live Science reporter pointed out about bad storms might be the reason for ‘mysterious disappearances’. And in few incidences there is no record of the said missing planes or ships at all as of travelling through the region. In some cases in and around Bermuda has been accounted in the Mystery story.

There are some real boats and ships that have gone missing in the region, but seeing as it’s one that’s frequented by tankers, cruise ships, charter planes, and small pleasure ships – as well as the location of hurricane alley and the notorious Gulf Stream, that’s not all that surprising.

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Kusche published book “The Bermuda Triangle Mystery – Solved”, in 1975, described the myth of the Bermuda Triangle.

Images from NASA satellite have spotted hexagonal-shaped clouds existence in the region. This causes wind to travel at speeds between 32 and 88 kilometres (20 and 54 miles). They are roughly 240 kilometres (149 miles) off the coast of Florida, over the Bahamas.

A Satellite meteorologist, Steve Miller from Colorado State University has explained about the cloud system that existed there. Similar cloud shapes were observed over the North Sea off the coast of the UK. Here they to cause sea level winds of up to 160 kilometres per hour (99 miles per hour). They have a power to create waves which are more than 14 metres (45 feet) high.

Scientifically they are called microbursts. They are the blasts of air that come down out of the bottom from a cloud and then hit the ocean. This in turn creates waves that can be massive in size sometimes. They are stronger than normal winds.

Hence, the question still lies as its. How can one say it is solved when there is nothing. And on the same occasion what about the unknown facts about the missing ships or planes which are officially declared by different countries.


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