How to crack ibps po

How to Crack IBPS PO? 

Hello Candidates and Readers,,,….everyone says that “Hard Work” leads to success. But I strongly believe that “Hard Work + Smart Work” is a wise way to reach the success peak a little sooner, for which scheduling is necessary. How to Crack IBPS PO SBI PO? these questions is wandering in many minds. Here we are giving tips & tricks to follow for cracking SBI PO exam easily.

I hope you all had the terrific experience of SBI PO Mains Exam 2016 and now it is high time to focus on your goal IBPS PO without any deviations to reach the success peak. Even if you gave your SBI exam and not satisfied yet, IBPS is still there for you to achieve your dream job.

IBPS – PO is one of the top most designations in the banking sector. So even if you are down, raise up and fight for it and you’ll achieve it. Here we providing Best solutions for How to Crack IBPS PO Exam ?

Recently State Bank had released the recruitment of SBI PO. As per the official notification 2133 PO vacancies are to be filled.

SBI PO Recruitment 2017 Released 2313 Vacancies at 

IBPS exam is conducted in three stages 
  • Preliminary exam
  • Mains exam
  • Personal Interview

The previous examination always gives an experience of tackling the exam wisely. Sometimes time management might also play a crucial role. The attempted SBI Mains might taught you a lesson showing its superiority again. Sometimes all the strategies you apply might fail during the question type in the examination. How to crack SBI Specialist Officer Exam remedies here. These competitive exams might show you where you stand and also guide you how to deal with further more exams.

IBPS PO Study Plan

Exam Pattern for All Prelims Exam
Sr. No Name of Tests No. of Questions Maximum Marks Duration
1 English language 30    30 Composite time of 1 hour
2 Numerical ability 35 35
3 Reasoning ability 35 35
Total 100 100

IBPS PO CWE 6 Mains Exam

Sr. No. Test Name Questions. Marks Duration
1 Reasoning 50 50 40 Minutes
2 General Awareness (with Special reference to Banking) 40 40 20 Minutes
3 Quantitative Aptitude 50 50 40 Minutes
4 English Language 40 40 30 Minutes
5 Computer Knowledge 20 20 10 Minutes
Total 200 200 140 Minutes ( 2 Hours 20 Minutes)

The selection procedure for the banks is regularly changing from one year to the other. Two tiers Examination (Prelims & Mains) is introduced in the last year for PO and Clerk Exams. The examination pattern, the standards of questions is getting much tougher and tricky day to day. This is due to the competition for the examinations.  This is not the college life to complete the entire preparation within a night or so. These bank exams require rigorous practice and experience of patterns, time management previous to the main exam. It also requires attempting a number of mock tests.

Many candidates are searching for How crack IBPS PO in 3 months or 1 Month or in 30 Days..There is no particular formula and theory.

Planning up for the exam preparation when you are left with some 15 or 20 days might not serve the purpose of achieving your target. Sometimes few candidates may prepare for the exam within a fortnight or a month. It may work for them. But, I suggest you to prepare your own strategy or schedule with the help of IBPS Clerk preparation tips. Moreover, think twice before you set the schedule to achieve the goal.

IBPS PO Exam Analysis 2016 CWE 6 Shift Wise Analysis Online Test Review

Always having a positive outlook before you start the preparation is an essential point. Degrading yourself while the preparation continues is never a good idea. Just keep focusing on the main target and you’ll achieve it.

There are many candidates appearing for the exam without a target, without knowing the proper exam format too.

Depending on a candidate, few may focus on the English section or few may focus on the Quant section during their preparation for the exam. Few may be afraid of Quant and few regarding English section. Overcome this fear by frequent preparation on the particular subjects.

Many candidates may join the coaching for the exams and may not take it seriously which doesn’t fetch anything other than wastage of time. So, if you need to reach a target set, “Aim High!!!!

Serious candidates can access and analyse their performance on a daily basis through their performance in Online Mock Tests. Many websites and Coaching Centres providing Online Test free. So utilise those Mock tests and follow our analysis on How to crack IBPS PO, RRB, Clerk and other competitive exams.

SSC CGL Tier 1 Online Exam Analysis of each Section

I caution the candidates who are seriously preparing for the exams, to be aware of over confidence which may be a hurdle in achieving your target. Instead, inculcate a positive nature within you which may help succeed.

IBPS PO is never a hard nut to crack 

2 months is enough time to crack IBPS PO exams. This requires proper and efficient planning, rigorous preparation and a right strategy.

Know where you stand!

In the process of preparation, have a quite mind to take a methodical, perfect and focused approach, get an honest assessment to analyse yourself on a perfect basis. Spare enough time focusing on your strengths and positive areas. On which areas you can be perfect at? What are the areas of improvement? Which areas should you focus on? This can be based on the assessment and analysis yourself through regular mock tests. Take the tests seriously such that you observe the progress too each day you give a test. Tests should be answered as if you are really giving it for the final time as a main exam.

When it is time for results, check their pattern. Check the areas you are weak at. Is it in the area of Quant or English? If the problem is time management, try on that area to fix it and overcome it gradually. Try to master the quantitative fundamentals and try taking more tests with this How to crack IBPS PO exam tips. Kill the time wastage on reading comprehension through regular practice.

Try doing as many mock tests as you can with proper time management. Be confident and not get afraid of the tests.

IBPS PO Exam Tips

Crucial factors for you to work on 

1) Mock tests are quite helpful in the phase of preparation.

2) Every mock test attended should be treated as a final main test.

3) Take tests seriously. Do not take them for the sake of doing.

4)  These tests can access and analyse your standards and help improving them in the future.

5)  Analyse your strengths and weakness in various areas, through the base of a test performed

6)  Keep learning from the mistakes and plan them not to repeat further.

7)  Know and analyse your area of strength and aim high in that area so that you achieve a little more focusing on it.

Sometimes, if you get a low score in the mock tests, don’t get degraded. The mock test scores are not only the criteria. There are cases in which the candidates scores low, get degraded and stop their trails and further preparation for the exams. Never get down. Be very positive to boost up your score.

Take it as a chance to improve yourself in the areas where you are weak. Keep focusing as it is said, “Failures are the stepping stones of success!!!!!

I knew that my friend who gave his mocks always got low scores but never stopped his preparation and trails. Today she is a PO in Bank of Baroda. Hard work and Will power is responsible for this.

So, never get down… Keep yourself boosted up & aim higher as we know that

“Practice makes a man perfect!!!!!”

“Try and Try until you succeed!!!!!”

Create awareness of your strong and weak areas

  1. Good Speed & Accuracy: Never quit your practice even if you are good at it.
  2. Good Speed & Bad Accuracy: Assess yourself on the regular basis to improve further. Find out where the drawback is? Work on that area for the betterment.
  3. Bad Speed & Accuracy: A lot of focus is needed if this is the condition. Researching and working towards this following few easy tips and techniques helps you improve on this area.
  4. Bad Speed & Accuracy: Practice, Practice & Practice more day to day. Fix your target time and practise each and every question. Apply the tricks over the question and try practicing further to improve speed.

Familiarize yourself with the pattern of banking examination. Get awareness about the sections in the exam. IBPS consists of Quantitative Aptitude, English language skills, reasoning along with Logical Reasoning, Computer and General Awareness.

Divide the work into smallest parts 

IBPS PO Syllabus

We all knew that Now days all competitive exams having almost similar topics like reasoning, quant, English, GK, computer awareness. Here we are giving tips & tricks on each section or subject along with time management tips for competitive exams. Best Practice for How tp Prepare for ibps po with analysis of each section.

Mastering Reasoning Section

This is entirely based on logical and mental ability. It is not knowing a simple formula and answer. This is concept oriented. Proper practice fetches you with good marks.

Important topics to be covered – Questions on Directions, Seating Arrangements (Straight & Circular), Blood Relations, Syllogism, Statement & Conclusions, Ranking, Data sufficiency, Puzzles, Non Verbal Reasoning, Coding & Decoding, Analogy, Classification.

Mastering English section 

  • With a fresh mind, divide it into small chunks and seriously keep mastering each chunk. Keep memorising and revising.
  • Practice the English area such that you get a good grip in the area of grammar.
  • Read books, say Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis to enhance your vocabulary skills.
  • You can use the high frequency words assigned for each day conversation or in your writings to practice them and get used to them.
  • Learn the free association and improve the context skills.
  • Play word games and crossword puzzles.
  • Be eager and excited to learn new words. Fix a target to improve yourself each time.
  • Practice vocabulary tests and use the unique mnemonic technique.

After regular practice of the entire plan mentioned above, try reading a comprehension in the mock test. I bet that you sure find a difference. These are best tips for how to crack ibps po English section

Along with these, keep reading the books, articles, websites, blogs, and newspapers on various lengthy topics. The suggestible newspapers are Hindu, Economic Times etc to give a better start.

Also do follow the International newspapers and magazines like the New York Times, Economist and Washington Post (available online) helps you in giving a good reading practice providing with the best international level news. This completely improves the concentration and speed in comprehension reading.

Important Topics to be covered 

Para jumbles, Reading Comprehension, Spotting the Error, Idioms & Phrases, and Synonyms & Antonyms.

Master the Quant section 

Quantitative Aptitude section is always easy, tricky and tough for all competitive exams. In order to give more answers you need basic idea and time management practice. How to crack bank exams mainly in quant is crucial part in preparation.

  • The very basic idea is to be strong in the fundamentals or basics. Usually very simple concepts are used. Also few core skills are a must which include accuracy and speed.
  • This even includes simple and complex calculations under stipulated time.
  • Ability to use logical & reasoning sense while working on Quant questions.
  • Practice moving on to the next question without being stuck on a single question. This is called pacing. Never miss the easy questions whiling the time on the difficult one s.

Important Topics to be covered - Time & Work, Time & Distance, Profit & Loss, Number Systems, Simple Interest & Compound Interest, Percentage, Average, Ratio and Proportion, Bar graph & Pie-chart, Probability.

Mastering Brain Trauma section

Even though this session is not included in the banking exams, this is needed as it reflects and proves your ability for solving situations in less time and also deals with how to approach.

Computer Section 

This section is now appears in mains Paper for PO, Clerk & RRBs. This Computer subject also gives in NIACL AO Insurance Jobs, India Post payment Bank and other competitive exams. Computer Knowledge section is very easy if you read and remember the topics. The Best preparation tips for IBPS PO, Clerk for this section Know the Short cuts for MS Office, Keyword ticks.

Go through the computer notes and computer digest and solve daily quizzes.  The best suggestible books are Arihant and Kiran Publication.

Important Topics to be covered - Computer, Parts of Computer, Internet, MS Office, Computer Languages, Operating System.

 Mastering GK section 

This section is a game changer, requires little time with complete accuracy which doesn’t have any boundaries. This is like a sweet dish or a dessert in the exams. It is a huge ocean of information.

“Old is Gold” applies here. Reading newspapers is very essential to be updated on daily basis. The most suggestible newspapers are “The Times of India” and “The Hindu.” This general awareness is very important.

Following the leading magazines on current affairs and general knowledge is important too.Regular following of news channels like Times Now, NDTV, BBC etc is also mandatory. The important news can be noted down in a note book on daily basis for revising and referring purpose. The areas to concentrate on are Sports, Politics, Technology, Arts & Literature, Banking, Economics and Business.

IBPS PO Time management tips

Suggestible Books & Materials to achieve Good Scores 

Best study materials and Books for free or download from online are given here. This will definitely help you in preparation for exams. Check the simple process for How to crack IBPS RRB in 30 days or 2 months.

  • Fast Track Objective Arithmetic (Arihant) Rajesh Verma
  • Lucent General Knowledge
  • Quantitative Aptitude For Competitive Examinations (S.Chand) R.S.Agarwal
  • A new approach Verbal and Nonverbal Reasoning (Arihant) by BS Sijwali
  • A Modern Approach to Verbal and Nonverbal Reasoning (S.Chand) by R.S.Agarwal
  • Pratiyogita Darpan
  • Manorama Year Book.

In Conclusion

  • This examination conducted online requires wise preparation as well as smart way to approach.
  • Do the exams as your own passion and crack it very wisely.
  • Hard work always pays off and never goes in vain. The fruit of hard work is tastier than ever.
  • Do the exam all for yourself and not for anyone else.
  • Try and try until you succeed. Treat failure as a stepping stone of success. Learn from your failures. The dark times are the best tutors.
  • Be very thorough with the important funda of the sections, be it Quant or else vocab.


Never Lose Hope upon You as Success is Not Served on a Silver Plate…..

Strive Hard… Put All Your Efforts for the Target….

Dream It, Do It, Achieve it!!!!!



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