Nikon’s top line DSLR, D500 launched at CES back in January hits stores. This excellent camera offering in-depth manual controls are capable of shooting 10 frames per second and capturing 4K video. Snapbridge is the unique feature of the D500 which Nikon claims to be the first camera with it.

The feature is Nikon’s way of making use of Bluetooth Low Energy to establish an always active connection between your smartphone and camera. The fact is that Snapbridge brings a solution for connecting your phone to a camera which makes other ways feel outdated. It is reliable and much faster than methods used by regular camera makers.

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The connection process is a bit buggy at an initial stage, and you have to unpair and repair the two devices if the connection with the phone is lost. But Snapbrige works all of the time and is the best possible way to access quickly share, and edit photos from a full-size camera.

Smartphones had taken over the camera in a huge way over the last half decade. Camera makers are making an attempt to built the bridge between their products and smartphones. Eye-Fi card, an SD card with a small wireless radio is one of the earliest manifestations which let you transfer photos from card to phone.

Nikon has done the same with Snapbridge in many ways. You can access the photos captured by the Nikon device on your smartphone through the Snapbridge app. The whole process essentially enables tethering the camera to your smartphone.

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The app also features a mode which automatically lets the camera send those 2-megapixel versions of every photo you take.

People love what smartphones offers at present day, but still need if carrying more capable camera exists. Snapbridge is a kind of feature which helps in breaking down all the steps which separate those two sides of the equation. Snapbridge is one flagship feature in D500’s experience which forces other users to make a shift to Nikon.