Indrek Narusk, Estonian bicycle designer created stainless steel Viks bike with very a unique looks. The designer also unveiled the carbon fiber Viks Carbon back in 2015. Recently, Narusk announced fully aluminum alloy Viks GT with its design inspired from Lamborghinis.

Following its predecessors, the single-speed driven belt GT’s frame mainly consists of double side-by-side tubular frames combined at the seat tube, head tube, and bottom bracket.

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The frame corners were rounded off on the previous models, but the Viks GT has got sharp and pointy edges which resemble sharp lines in a Lamborghini.

Incorporating aluminum alloy reduces the weight of GT by 40 percent when compared to the original stainless steel version. However, the bike will be tipping the scales at less than 10 kilos even though a precise weight has been not provided.

As per Narusk’s company, Velonia Bicycles, the group of cycles would be obtainable in a range of Lamborghini colors soon. Pricing of the bicycles is yet to be determined.

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The company has been emerging the idea for the GT since 2013 but didn’t build the first bike until this summer.It decided to paint the first frame of the bike in Lamborghini yellow. The bike is equipped with mechanical disc brakes and a single speed Gates belt drive as well as blingy carbon five-spoked wheels.

The company’s regular bikes follow comparable design principles, but steel built tubing are a bit heavier. Viks claims that the ride is quite sporty and a minimal flex even in the absence of a seat tube.