Plane from Thiruvananthapuram crash-lands, catches fire at Dubai airport as landing gear fails

An Emirates Aeroplane Boeing 777 with 300 passengers on board crash-landed at Dubai International airport. The Dubai government confirmed that the incident occurred shortly after 1 pm local time (9 am UK time).

Boeing 777 reportedly took off from Thiruvananthapuram airport in India and was about to land at DUBAI when the incident took place. The captain sent out emergency signals shortly before landing.

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According to the sources, No injuries have been reported so far, and all the passengers are evacuated safely. Images show thick black smoke travelling upwards near the plane.

“Our main priority now is the safety and well-being of all involved,” the airlines said on Twitter.

The live air traffic monitor Flightradar24 stated that takeoffs and landings at Dubai are suspended because of the incident.Some flights are returned to the origin post crash-land of Boeing 777.

We are expecting a 4-hour network extended delay; more information will be available on the Emirates website and social media channels.” The Airlines said in a statement.They also twitted a link to check out the Nationalities of the passengers in the plane.

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