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Dubai authorities launched Montaji Online System, Mobile app to help shoppers fight fake products

Dubai Municipality launches a new smart system to make sure the customer product safety. The system is named as Montaji, and the mobile app is also launched with the same name. Now the shoppers in Dubai can check whether the product they bought is fake or original via the Mobile app or Online.

During the launch of the service, Khalid Mohammad Sharif Al Awadhi, assistant director general for Environment, Health and Safety Control Sector said, the new online system which can access through municipality portal will ensure product safety while assuring the free flow of trade.

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Al Awadhi also stated that this strategy is very much important consideration number of products that are arriving in Dubai. Dr Naseem Mohammed Rafee, head of Consumer Product Safety Section said, its mandatory for all consumer safety products to register with Montaji service. The customer safety products include Health supplements, Cosmetic products, personal care, soaps bars, detergents, antibacterial products, etc.

Rafee also said the system is intelligent enough to catch if somebody is trying to re-register products which are earlier objected due to its non-compliance. The system sends alerts to the staff members if any such thing happens.

Customers can also check the genuineness of the product by entering the barcode of the product in the Montaji system and verify the details. They can report violations through the municipality’s call center 800900. Dubai records over 755,000 tonnes of consumer goods for import and re-exports in 2016, increased by 17 per cent comparing to the figures in the year 2012.

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Dubai would have the World’s first Rotating Skyscraper

The future is all about the 360-degree view. Dubai plans to take the 360-degree experience far beyond your expectations by building the world’s first rotating skyscraper by 2020.

David Fisher, the Israeli-Italian architect, proposed the “Dynamic Tower” in 2008 which is 420 meters, 80-floor rotating skyscraper. It was proposed as the world’s first prefabricated skyscraper with 40 factory-built modules for each floor.

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Recently Dubai unveiled its Future Cities Show 2017 exhibition, which focuses on innovation, providing sustainability and happiness to the region around the world. Dr. Abdullah bin Mohammed Belhaif Al Nuaimi, Dubai’s Minister of Infrastructure Development, said, “Our objective is to establish tomorrow’s leading cities that can surpass reality.”

Each floor in the Dynamic Tower will be designed to rotate independently, results in a changing shape of the tower. Wind turbines are located on each floor of the tower to provide the structure with power. By 2020, United Arab Emirates wants 7% of its electricity to come from renewable resources. Each apartment costs $30 million.

The main advantage of living in the revolutionary tower is, you’ll able to watch the sunrise and sunset from the same window. Watch the astonishing video below

Indian Man who walked 1000 kms in Dubai to Look for Justice is Back to Home

Jagannathan Swaraj, an Indian man who walked more than 1000 kms in Dubai for in search of justice has finally returned to his home town with the help of BJP minister Sushma Swaraj. She helped him for getting him to his home in Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu.

The man named Jagannathan, 48, covered a distance of 22km each way to attend labor court proceedings at Dubai courts. He was living in Sonapur on the Dubai Outskirts and he had to go to Karama to attend court. He walked more than 1000 kilometers over 2 years in Dubai because he couldn’t have enough money to pay bus fare.

For every hearing, he waked from Sonapur to Karama and again came back that took a total of four hours. He did the same thing for very court hearing which took place every couple of weeks for a total of 20- plus hearings.

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Responding on this, Sushma Swaraj posted a tweet and said, “We have brought him back to India and sent him to his village. He went up and down to the court 20 times over a year. “

Selvaraj told, “My case number was 826 and I had to walk more than 1000 kilometers in 2 years and it took nearly 2 hours of time for walking about 22 kms. I woke up at 4 AM daily on the day the court was to hear my case. For Every 15 days I had to walk all the way to the court because I didn’t have money to pay for bus or taxi.”

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I am not afraid of any heat, traffic and sandstorms because I just wanted to return home to India. I used to start early in the mornings when it was less hot.  From Sonapur, I went to Al Qusais, Al Nahda, the airport free zone and from there to Karama. I didn’t have money to pay bus ticket or metro tickets. No one helped me and I must have attended the court at least 20 times during the two years,” said Selvaraj.

Court-Ordered Punishment to Saudi Prince, Jailed for Breaking Law

Saudi Price from a ruling family in Dubai has been lashed in Jail in Jeddah as a court-ordered punishment. He was jailed for breaking the law. He slammed into Prison on Monday afternoon after took him to medical check up to make sure that he wasn’t suffering from any diseases.

Saudi Daily newspaper Okaz reported that “The unknown prince was also jailed after receiving blows for an unspecified crime. A five member panel, on behalf of various agencies managed the lashings.”

Last month a young Saudi prince was executed in Riyadh for murder after a court initiates him guilty of shooting dead, it was the first execution of a Prince since 1970’s.

Saudi Arabia: Prince Turki bin Saud al-Kabir Executes for a Murder Case

A statement by the Ministry of Interior said, a Saudi national, Prince Turki Bin Saud Al Kabir was killed in Riyadh after begging guilty of firing to death Adel bin Sulaiman bin Abdul Kareem Al Mihaimeed who is also a Saudi national, following a group quarrel.

Interestingly social media users in Saudi understood the rare execution as a sign of equality under Islamic law. The 80-year-old King Salman is also fair and keen on this.

Indian Businessman Buys $9 Million Dubai License Plate for Rolls Royce

Indian businessman Balwinder Sahani pays a huge amount for one of his Rolls Royces for a license plate in Dubai. At a government auction on Saturday, Sahani paid 33 million dirhams ($9 million) for a D5 plate.

As per local reports, Sahani owns a property management company. He bought the number O9 earlier year at an auction for 25 million dirhams and also purchased another plate for a million dirhams.

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License plate numbers auctions are a big deal in the United Arab Emirates where a vehicle with a shorter number is a status symbol desirable by the wealthy. Back in 2008, another businessman Saeed Al Khouri from Abu Dabhi paid 52.2 million dirhams for the number 1 license plate which is a record for the country.

Bid for the D5 plate started at 20 million dirhams, and continues of the sale will go to Dubai’s Roads & Transport Authority. Eighty number plates went under the hammer at Saturday’s auction in Dubai.

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