The Emirati Father of six daughters who lives in Al Ain is all set for dowry, but only with Qahwa (a Cup of Arabic Coffee and Dates).

It seems that an Emirati father is going to change the trend since we hear some instances of dowry abuse.

The father of six daughters is ‘gifting’ the groom GOLD equivalent to the weight of his daughter.

Tunisian mobile gamers win a real cow as prize

The Social media is like abuzz with the reports given to Gulf newspaper. The fathers in UAE believe that wedding costs are so unbearable that Emirati men are marrying non-Emirati women where the cost force make them do that.

Earlier in 2012, the UAE government offers Marriage Fund, which provides financial assistance to those who want to marry. The marriage fund is for those who blamed larger dowry rates for low marriage rates among Emirati women.

Amazingly the Birth of a Baby Dolphin captured at Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium

“Such growing number of mixed marriages could eventually affect UAE’s population ratio.” Said an FNC member Hamad Al Rahoomi, from Dubai

The members of Federal National Council debated the issue to find out the way which they believe the critical demographic problem.


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