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Google’s Android on Target for Legal Action from European Union Commission

Google Exclusive: EU wants to stop anti-competitive Android practices, fine expected

The European Union Commission is going after Google again and this time with a better chance of success. The Google’s Android operating system holds the largest share of mobile market globally, which is the reason for the consequences arisen. Over 80% of the mobiles are Android OS dependent.

The Google accused of its dominance and market monopoly strategies for capturing the market at the cost of other’s demolishment. Google is the dominant Search engine worldwide. This has made the tech company to steer away rival offerings towards shopping services. The probe into the Google’s behaviour in other online services like digital advertising and use of content from other sites is still on.

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On April 18th, News Corp, a media giant, filed a second complaint against Google’s search dominance. In that regard, Google has summoned with a 150 pages notice. Citing the seriousness of the issue, the European Commission summoned the Google for its Android Mobile Apps.

The main reason for its popularity is an “open-source.” Due to this, any hardware maker can adapt the program as needed and install it on its devices freely. This platform also offers commercially viable products like Google’s popular apps to pre-install. One among such is Google Play app which is the dominant app store for Android devices.

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The licensing conditions limit the freedom of manufacturers to choose the apps they want to pre-install and make it hard for rivals to compete which makes the G-Android occupy the market. The case will not decided soon unless the search tech giant company opts to settle mutually with EU commission which seems not happening. Android is a key part of the Google’s money-making machine.

The search giant company is trying to convince with its view of business tactics. But EU, if not convinced, G-Android may have to face heavy penalties based upon the business turnover from 2011 year. This might be a painful blow for the company regarding the financial aspect.

Earlier, the flight with Oracle has ended up in Google’s favour regarding code usage in Android development. But all the times the same result cannot as expected. Hence, it should be watched as what happens in this particular issue.

Google Could Face $3 billion From European Commission For Promoting Their Services

google face $3billion from European commission

Tech Giant Google is going get the penalty of $3 Billion, which is highest ever fined by the EU.  The European Commission has filed a case against Google manipulating the search results in their previous algorithms in their relevance. The practices were made to happen in the Android and Web tools. The investigation was started in the year 2010. This commission accused Google of abusing its dominant position in search engine platform and redirects the user to use their services like Google shopping and price comparisons, etc.

Google was instructed by the European Commission in the year 2012 to alter the search programs rendering to the EU Law. Google put forward their response in the year 2013 but failed to accomplish the EU rules and the case is still continued. During this several small competitors and Microsoft has given allegations against Google. This is not the first time for Google to come under scrutiny of this commission.

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Google had made revisions and release the proposals in early 2014 which were accepted some of them on the list. Meanwhile, many companies complained that settlement did not go better enough and the European Commission hasn’t consulted any Google competitors. Hence, the decision of the case has postponed. Later the European’s Competition Commission has replaced in the year 2014 and the larger the European Union governing became impatient with the lack of progress on the case. All these instances have occurred by the second antitrust investigation and eventual allegations against Google. This commission is focusing on Android and Google’s requirements.

Now the British newspaper has released a notice that European Commission proposes to charge fine against Google on the antitrust case. The amount of 3.39 billion US dollars is reportedly fined which is approximately three billion euro.  This is the highest amount of penalty filed ever by the European Commission; earlier the largest case lodged by the EU is on Intel, which is around 1.1 billion Euros.

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The Officials in Brussels are putting the final words for the seven-year investigation of the company’s dominant search engine. Google and European Commission refused to make a comment and it could fight the penalty and make new search rules before the European Commission.

Timeline of the actions

2007: Google attainment of the online advertising firm DoubleClick was started investigating by US Federal Trade Commission.

2008: Google search ads to run on Yahoo sites were blocked by the US Justice Department.

2009: The competitors file the complaint against Google to National regulators in Europe.

2010: EU launched the formal antitrust investigation on Google’s search business.

2013: The two-year investigation of Google gets dropped by FTC by concluding it had not manipulated search results in damaging the competitors.

2014: European politicians pass a non-binding resolution calling for the company’s search engine business.

2015: MsVestager, the new commissioner to the European Commission antitrust, charges Google with misrepresenting the search results to their indulgence on their shopping services over rivals. And she is investigating on the Google’s Android Business too.

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Finally, the seven-year investigation is coming to end and the EU charges 3.39 billion US dollars to the Google.