Patanjali Ayurved founder, yoga guru and entrepreneur, Ramdev Baba has imposed the government to put a hefty tax on the beverage companies selling products with high sugar content.

According to the reports, representatives of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and Baba Ramdev said that the children and adults are consuming a large number of sugar from the processed food products which are harmful.

In recent news, Patanjali officials talks with BJP ruled Madhya Pradesh to sell their products at their ration shops. Opposition parties have claimed that the move will kill small local brands which are selling at a lower price.

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On the other hand, sales of Patanjali products in ration shops in Madhya Pradesh which will make the Patanjali one of the largest FMCG Company in India. In April, Ramdev said that “Colgate will be below Patanjali by this year, and in three years, we will overtake Unilever. Patanjali products would shut the ‘gate’ in Colgate. The birds in Nestle’s nest (logo) will also fly away”.

Both the RSS and Ramdev Baba has recommended a ‘Sin Tax’ of 40 percent of alcohols, tobacco and other companies that are selling the high content of sugar. Last year, the Chief Economic Advisor, Subramanian has imposed government sin tax on aerated products and luxury cars.

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The Patanjali member, SK Tijarawala said, “Our products have made a serious impact in India. We will launch more healthy products soon.”

This clearly shows that the Patanjali will release more beverages in the coming next year’ summer session and the efforts for that are already started.

The concept of sin tax on oily, greasy products is not new. Kerala becomes the first state to impose the special tax on the sales of pizzas, burgers and tacos of 14.5 percent. This step is taken to create the awareness about obesity and food habits.

Besides all this, Patanjali is planning to sell jeans, as a part of company’s growth.


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