Twitter lovers from today as the company announced relaxation for Longer Tweets

The Much awaited decision has been delivered at last by Twitter Inc. The character limit has relaxed after a long time of consultations. But the company has maintained its elegant touch.

In a bit of relaxation in the 140 characters range, Twitter has announced today that the text characters retain the limit as it is. What gets exempted from this limit is the videos, Images, Quotes, Polls and the Emojis. Till recently all these were under the umbrella of characters count.

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Now, the decision has come which is a huge welcoming one by all the Twitter users as they can express their views in a broader sense with their texts and include photos, images or videos, etc. additionally.

Till date, there were many proposals and assumptions regarding the lifting of the character count for the Tweets. Some were in favour, and some were against the thought. But finally balancing all the views and respecting all the thoughts, Twitter has taken the decision and announced it today.

The proposal of increasing the character count till 10000. However, does not get approved and the Twitter identity and creativity is a bit questionable in doing so. Hence, it was completely ignored, and the limit has been retained regarding the number of characters in the text.

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But the proposal of exempting the username from the character count is still pending. If this is removed from the characters count, then the users will get more space in expressing themselves.

Hopefully, in the coming days, the company will take the decision in this regard too. Earlier there was an expectation that the company might announce the policy in full and final. But the aspect of username is excluded from the character count has been kept in suspense.


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