Instant Messaging Service WhatsApp has introduced the cool and exciting feature which is out in the recent update. Customization and enhancing the photos and videos which you usually sent in WhatsApp. This new Camera Features enhances the chatting experience. This new feature already exists in the other social networking apps like Snapchat and Instagram.

The new things in the recent update are, the users can draw or add the texts the Emojis to the photos and videos which you capture and send within the WhatsApp. Also, you can pick the brush size and font size by adjusting with the simple drag on the color palette.


The other improvements in this update are you can add ‘@’ symbol in the group for specifying the particular person. When you are Forwarding/Sharing one message to multiple members, you can do it by selecting them from the list.

Now check out the process how to use this new feature in the WhatsApp Messenger.

How does it work?

• Go to WhatsApp Messenger
• Open the Chat Thread to which you want to send the image.
• Either Capture the Image or select from your phone.
• Turn on the Flash or Off the Flash for the images. If no Flash screen Flash will be activated for improving the picture quality.
• After selecting the image, on the top right editing tools will be provided. (If not update the WhatsApp Messenger)
• Now you can draw on the image or add Emojis or even add the text as per your requirement.
• In the same way, you add record the videos and share them with the customizations.
• Click on Send to share the edited image.
• That’s it; now it’s time to show up your creative and innovative ideas when you share the pictures or videos with your Bae, Friends, Family or Colleagues.

WhatsApp Messenger is already starts rolling out this feature in Google Play Store. WhatsApp has improved its application features gradually to maintain their consistency in the Social Messaging service.

Recently Google has released their messaging application Allo, which is going to be the rival for it. Allo is included with the advanced features like chat bots and others. However, WhatsApp will soon come up with more new and advanced features in coming updates. What do you think about expecting the chat bots in WhatsApp? Have your words about in the comments.


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