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Scientists and Doctors Are On Edge to Cure HIV

Scientists and Doctors from five different leading British universities teamed to design a cure for HIV. Overall 50 people take part in the treatment, and it seems like one trail person’s treatment showing the sign that he might be cured.

A 44-year social worker from London took the trail treatment of HIV/AIDS cure. His early tests have failed to detect any trace of HIV in his system. But, those who are working on trail programme expect to wait for few months longer before confirming whether the treatment has worked correctly.

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The newly developed therapy is different from previous improved HIV/AIDS treatments. Now the Scientists and Doctors targeted dormant cells to destroy the virus in every part of the body. If this newly implemented test proves to be successful, then it becomes a permanent cure for HIV. And even if everything is fine after the first experiment, the tests will carry on for other five years.

 “It would be great if a cure has happened. My last blood test was a couple of weeks ago, and there is no detectable virus. However, that could be the anti-retroviral therapies, so we have to wait to be sure” said by the patient have signs of curing HIV/AIDS.

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He also added “I took part in the trial to help others as well as myself. It would be a massive achievement if, after all, these years, something is found to cure people of this disease. The fact that I was a part of that would be incredible.

Still, there are findings of this treatment are promising. A drug like this is relatively a straightforward medicine to cure HIV/AIDS rather than previously developed therapies. If all this process clears significant hurdles, the virus won’ become a threat in the upcoming decades.

World’s First Baby Was Born from the DNA of 3 People

Baby Boy Was Born With 3 DNA New Technique in Mexico

The world’s first baby was born with a new technique of combining DNA of three people in the embryo, in a process to fight mother’s genetic condition. The Scientist has revealed that the world’s first baby by using a ‘three person fertility technique’ was born.

The baby boy was born five months ago in Mexico to Jordanian parents, and he is healthy and doing well now. The baby has the DNA from his mother, father and tiny bit of genetic code from the donor. The procedure implemented by US Specialists in Mexico.

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To ensure the baby boy was free from the genetic condition that his mother carries in her genes. The boy’s mother carries a genes disorder known as Leigh Syndrome. A fatal nervous system disorder which she passed to her two previous children who were died of the disease at the age of six and eight months respectively.

Children with this disease will rarely live up to six to eight years. The couple met the Dr. John Zhang, an endocrinologist at New Hope Fertility Centre in New York. It was not approved in the US to try the three DNA technique.

He and his team members perform the controversial procedure in Mexico, where there are no rules. This technique called as Spindle nuclear transfer. The procedure involves removing the healthy nucleus from the mother’s egg. And then transfers it to the donor’s egg with the nucleus removed. It then is fertilized with father’s sperm.

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It results in providing DNA from three different people, the mother, father and egg donor.

“This is the very first time at least in human reproduction that the offspring produced with three parties – one sperm and different parts of two eggs,” Zhang said to the reporters. “So this is very revolutionary.”

The baby was born with no signs of disease, and there are very fewer chances to develop into the disease from his cells.

ISRO Successful Launch of PSLV SCATSAT-1 Lauded By PM Modi as ‘Innovative Zeal’

Sriharikota(Andhra Pradesh): ISRO( Indian Space Research Organisation) was successful in the launching of PSLV SCATSAT-1 along with Eight other satellites into the orbit at 9:12 a.m on this Monday morning (Sep 26th,2016) from Satish Dhawan Space Center, Sriharikota.

PM Modi complimented the Scientists for the successful launch and said “Our space scientists always keep on scripting history. Their innovative zeal has touched the lives of 125 crore Indians and India proud worldwide.”

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ISRO Chairman, A.S.Kiran Kumar declared that its launch was a ‘landmark’ in the history of Mission Control Centre in the noon. Adding to this K.Sivan, Director VSSC (Vikram Sarabhai Space Station) via that “the mission was exciting and the longest one. The other landmark mission to be done this year will be the GSLV-MK3 ROCKET. ”

This was PSLV’s (Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle) or 37th PSLV, longest launch with a record time of 2 hours and 15 minutes. The rocket was re-ignited twice at different orbits during the flight, to place the satellites in their orbits. This was the reason for the record time.

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The PLSV rocket fuelled with Solid and Liquid fuel alternatively for its four stages flight in the space. This heavy loaded rocket has pierced into the sky with glowing orange flames to its tail.

The life of SCATSAT-1 is for five years it provides information of the weather through a generation of wind vector products.

The 320 ton and 44.4m height SCATSAT-1(main cargo with 371kg) rocket along with it carried, is a satellite for weather studies which was placed at an altitude of 730 km in the polar sun synchronous orbit. After a two hour travel in the space, the rocket satellites ‘PRATHAM,’ 10kg built by IIT Bombay and ‘PISAT,’ 5.25kg from PES University.

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The three Commercial Payloads belonging to Algeria(ALSAT-1B,103kg),( ALSAT-2B,117kg),( ALSAT-1N,7kg) and one each for United States(Pathfinder-1,44kg) and Canada(NLS-19,8kg).

India has again achieved the launch of multiple satellites in a single rocket mission. India is found to be marching towards the 100 milestones for launching foreign satellites from the past. With this launch, this morning India has successfully launched 79 satellites for foreign countries.

Government is Planning to give PM Research Fellowships for Students Passing out of IITs

Government mulling PM’s research fellowships for IIT pass-outs from next year

The government of India has realised the shortage of research oriented talent from past few decades. With an aim to encourage talented creamy layer to take up research, the government is planning to provide “Prime Minister’s Research Fellowships” for IIT pass outs.

“A committee headed by former IIT Mumbai Director and eminent scientist Anil Kakodkar too had recommended that third-year students of IITs and NITs should be initiated into PhD programmes,” a senior functionary said.

The IIT Council will be meeting on Tuesday and discuss the fellowship issue and guidelines to implement the scheme from next academic year.
The main aim of the fellowship is to encourage the best talent to enter research work especially in IIT’s.

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According to top officials from HRd ministry, that the quality of research is directly related to the quality of people, hence its is important to encourage the research.Keeping this in mind, the Human Resource Department Ministry is planning to implement ‘PM Research Fellowship’ for around 1,000 students from the next academic year.

It is said that B.Tech students pursuing their degree in IIT can enrol for PhD on completion of their course. The students need to write the research outline in the area of interest which will be evaluated by the panel constituted by IIT Board.

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According to the sources “A government panel headed by eminent scientist Anil Kakodkar had recommended that third-year students of IITs and NITs should be initiated into PhD programmes. There is a need to identify and encourage the best talents in IITs for quality research. The government has decided to discuss the issue for raising the overall standard of research and innovation in the country,”

The government of India has launched imprint India (Impacting Research Innovation and Technology) a 1000 Cr project to encourage research in the field of Science and Engineering.