Tridika, the driverless conceptual electric vehicle was created in a way to change the mark of whereby to use the cars in our growing cities, where space is highly expensive and limited. Tridika is inspired by European Multinational Conglomerate ThyssenKrupp’s Willy Wonka-esque Multi elevator.

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Imaginative founder and Canadian Engineer, Charles Bombardier released another massive product. Tridika, which is a self-driving apartment that can be driven like a car and you can attach it to your building too.

Canadian innovator Charles Bombardier and his company Imaginative recently released their conceptual idea of building, a hypothetical space train Solar Express. The train that never stops and can transport people and cargo at 1% speed of the light.

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Tridika works like a self-driving car; it is so easy to use, and the amazing thing about this vehicle is you can park next to your apartment as an additional. It works as the Maglev train that means it doesn’t need wheels: The magnets lift and propel the vehicle.

The electricity is pulled from its tracks and works accruing to your commands. The box-shaped optimizes interior space where six passengers can travel at a time in this vehicle. You can also convert into a fair-sized office space to work. The condos and apartment towers could be designed and built to accommodate them.

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However, using a dedicated ramp, that is picked up by a mechanical elevator system would connect to the outer wall of your building.  To enter into the condo, you need to open a large sliding door on the side of the unit. Another similar door inside the unit would open simultaneously by detecting the signature of your smartphone or Tridika.