The streets of the Finland have got its fleet of the self driving buses. These driverless buses are seen being driven on the roads in a pilot program. As the technology changes in every corner, these are introduced in the public transportation system in Europe.

As per the legislation in Finland, there is no rule for the vehicle that it can be driven by a driver only. Hence the country can afford to go with this kind of driverless programs. As per the sources Finnish news outlet YLE, the trails will continue till the mid of September month.

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The self driving bus has initiated its maiden journey from Hernesaari district of Helsinki at Finland. These autonomous buses can be seen on the streets of the district providing the transportation facility for the general public. These mini buses are being recognized by the local traffic authority “Trafi” to be on road functioning completely. Currently, the mini and cute Easy Mile bus are being driven in Finland as a test project. Finland is one of the first countries to come up with these robotic mini buses.

As per the reports, there is the contract signed by Dubai in which the authorities of state will allow the Easy Mile to go for Dubai as well. These buses are used as the shuttles for the people who came for the shopping to the Japanese mall. These buses won’t be going for the long journeys as they are designed for the shorter routes. Self driving buses are specifically made to improve the autonomous and robotic driving better for future.

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Hence the information gained by this pilot project will help in providing the best facilities in future. These Robotic buses are a huge part of future public transportation. As per the test drives of this buses these will come soon in future in our daily lives.