Google is all gearing up to bring its self-driving cars to the market with its latest hiring of former Airbnb executive Shaun Stewart. The hire follows the departure of CEO Chris Urmson, who stepped down after more than seven years with the unit. Stewart will serve as a director of Google Self Driving Cars project, spokesperson Johnny Luu said on Friday.

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Google Self Driving Cars are still in progress, but these autonomous vehicles are expected to hit the road in the US, in just a few years. Urmson himself predicted last year that these Google’s autonomous vehicles would be ready and go on to the market by 2020.

The role of Shaun Stewart’s is to help, commercialize the Google self-driving technology which has been in development for more than seven years. The hiring process of Stewart follows the appointment of four Hyundai Motor America CEO John Krafcik in 2015 as the set-driving vehicle unit’s CEO.

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Stewart is an experienced technology executive, specialized in building and scaling business. Before joining Google, he was Chief Executive of Jetsetter. The Alphabet Inc’s Google subsidiary currently has driven 1.8 million miles autonomously with almost 60 test cars on the road.

The autonomous vehicle software startup nuTonomy is now running self-driving taxis in Singapore, while Uber is now going to be picking up customers in Pittsburgh, with self-driving cars from Volvo and Ford.

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Google’s autonomous car development group has expanded to four cities in the past year, with test operations in Texas, Austin, Kirkland, Mountain View and Phoenix.

Google Self Driving Cars Project Video


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