In the recent days, the hacking of the vehicles continues to get worse, especially when it comes to Fiat Chrysler Automobile products. In previous year, a Jeep Cherokee in St. Louis, Missouri was wirelessly stolen from Pittsburgh. Nissan has their Leaf app which has to shut down since it has many vulnerabilities. Over six months period, more than 30 jeeps were stolen, and now a two cars in Houston and Texas were stolen. On Friday police arrested two while attempting to steal another vehicle.

According to the sources from Houston reports that police were searching for Michael Arcee and Jesse Zelay for several months. But they could not be able to catch them in an act so far. Both were using a laptop to connect and start a vehicle. The things are still unclear if the connection was made through the OBD II or USB or, but FCA says that these thefts were not related to the UConnect remote hacks which happened in the last year.

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In the month of April 2016, this surveillance video showed up the theft of the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. This is the very first footage that led the police to Arcee and Zelay. The police began to follow and record the pair. Eventually, this investigation resulted in the Friday’s arrest. Both Arcee and Zelay are charged with unauthorised use of the motor vehicles. In addition, Arcee is charged with felon in possession of a weapon and possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance.

The sources say that Homeland Security is investigating that more than 100 stolen vehicles of FCA are believed that they are hacked using the similar software. The cars were bought across the border in Mexico after the theft. FCA is currently making an internal investigation into the matter.