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Google Keeps a Close Watch on the Online Activities of the Users

User’s privacy has always been a concerned topic for many companies. Though, the companies confirm that they have been protecting user’s data by respecting their privacy. It seems that the news about the user’s privacy protection was all fake. Big companies like Google are breaking rules and regulations by peeping into their privacy. The tech giants are now interested to know what the users are surfing on the net or a track their surfing pattern.

When trusted companies are breaking laws and finding a secondary way to reach users data then it won’t be long before everyone follows the suit to misuse the data. The question that we arrive at is, Why Google even provide the option of privacy settings when they are keeping an eye on all the actions that we perform? It is quite simple in today’s world that the word ‘privacy’ is of no value.

Many of the apps from Google will store information about the user’s location and one such an app is Google maps. The app is used by millions of users and is easy to use by simply providing your location and destination, but have you ever imagined that, when you will allow it to access your location for navigation, then it will show all your recent visited places in the timeline and this is mainly because Google will keep a track of everything you do on net. People are aware of it, but not only this, everything you browse on the web is also stored in the Google’s database.

Not only the maps app, there is a number of other apps that access our data and location without our permission. If this is the case then our privacy is seriously at stake. One of the officials from Google stated, “We provide clear descriptions of these tools, and robust controls so people can turn them on or off, and delete their histories at any time.”

In past, we have experienced the same news on the social media giant Facebook app, which was in news for accessing user’s data without their permission. Keeping track of user’s online behavior is certainly not happening.

To protect yourself from the online web you can actually make use of an incognito tab that helps you stay private while browsing. Hopefully, Google will work on its privacy settings in the future and will respect user’s privacy.


Google Maps Is Releasing an Exclusive Range of Personalization Options Today

Google Maps, a helping hand for a lot of people missing their way or new to a city, is now sound in news. As per information released a couple of days ago, Google Maps is planning to give an additional update for the present version. And here it is!

Personalization features would be out today. The update is all about creating a ‘to the point’ and ‘made for you’ experience. By resetting the explore tab, each user would be given an exclusive set of options for restaurants, shopping malls, cafes, pubs and more. All these options would be based on the user’s personal interests and choices.

Google blog officially unfolds the benefits that one can draw from these added features. The latest options let us learn every minute detail of the places where we stay or visit for a while.

The renovation done to the explore tab now highlights the button for restaurants, bars and cafes nearby. A few categories in the tab help you know about the various events taking place in the surroundings. Such newly introduced functionality brings in huge differences in the course of Google Maps.

‘Your match’ rating is one of the most alluring features. It is a special rating, which understands your personal decisions and gets generated based on the reviews you had given previously. If your location history is turned off, then the ratings given by ‘your match’ will help you decide if the particular place is the right one for you.

‘For you’ tab is yet another amazing tab, which keeps you updated about the changes happening to the area where you live in and the places that you visit frequently. It helps you learn about the current conditions of your hometowns as well. Press on the ‘follow’ button of the cities and localities, which you wish to learn about and enjoy the ‘For you’ feature.

The makeover is active on both Android and iOS systems, but presently, a few features such as ‘For you’ tab is confined to Android. Look at the all new updates on Google Maps to rediscover your area without moving away from your chair.     

Google introduces Question & Answers (Q&As) section in Google Maps and Search

Google Maps

We often ask a lot of questions to ourselves before where to go and what to do. Now, Google provides a Question and Answers section in Google Maps and Search where all your questions will be answered. This option is currently available for Android users.

Now when you just need to search location On Google Maps or Search and then open business thing in Maps or Search. There you find Question & Answer section where you can ask the question, answer question or tap on the thumbs up icon to upvote the information. The Upvoted question and answers will appear on the top as the information is accessible to others.

How Google Search Q&As Work:

For example, if you want to search for a hotel or café in your area, all you need to do is search, and they will show up on the map with directions and some additional information. If you tap on the other info section, a new column with an overview, reviews, and photos will show up. Scroll down and type in your query in the Q&A tab.

To make sure Question and Answers contains accurate information, business owners can use this feature by posting Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) and answers to ensure accuracy and authenticity. The Business owners, as well as customers, will get notified depending on the queries posted by the users and answers received.

This feature enables us to take quick decisions no matter which place you are heading or what you are looking to do, Google Maps and Search gives the information needed.

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Google Real-Time Location Sharing Feature to Provide Live Location of the User

Google Real-Time Location Sharing Feature

Google is making its move towards product engagement which eventually results in importance for the search engine. The company has announced the launch of Google real-time location sharing feature in Google maps. This new feature was unveiled on both Android and iOS platforms on Wednesday.

These updated Google Maps allow users to share their real-time locations on the Google Maps app. This real-time location sharing on Google Maps is just a part of new tools which boosts Google Maps. Essentially, this location sharing feature aims to serve people in finding each other at crowded places. Also, it provides the live location of the people who share their ‘whereabouts’ and also provide information on how long it takes.

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“That coordination in that sort of last-mile moment winds up being sometimes more complicated than you might think,” says Jen Fitzpatrick, Google executive who leads Google Maps.

These location-sharing features were discouraged in the past. Particularly, in the set of people who prioritize privacy as their prime concern. Google will be reminding them through the app and email about the people who they are sharing location with.

Ben Greenwood, product manager for Google Maps, explains that the recipient of a user’s location could pass that link on to a third party. Google recommends to share location only with the people whom they trust.

“This is not a new concept,” Fitzpatrick briefs about the location-sharing. “This is about making it simple, accessible and giving users a lot of control and privacy.”

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Google will also introduce mapping features in the coming weeks which help users to find parking places. Beside this, Ride-hailing services have also become one of the important aspects of the app. Google Maps will partner with 14 companies in 70 countries by the end of the week.

Analyst Bob O’Donnell of TECHnalysis Research, says that Mapping has become a key contributor to Google’s advertising juggernaut

“Google cannot afford to let the app suffer. It’s an essential service for them to drive more growth in all of their key revenue-generating businesses,” he said.

Google Maps for Android have got a New Design for Better Commute Info

google map

Google has launched new redesigned Maps app for Android users. The updated Maps app provides easier access to some useful features within the app. Three new tabs Places, Driving, and Transit are now available with a single tap. This new feature also provides the real time information to find the restaurants nearby, to catch the next available bus, or to escape the traffic.

Users can find places to eat or drink with the lists like ‘cheap eats,’ ‘business dining’ or ‘best dinners’ in the Places tab. Google Maps for Android can also search the pharmacies, ATMs, or gas stations around their current location or the location they choose. The ‘Driving’ and ‘Transit’ tabs concerned the app users directly for their commute needs.

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Save your work and home address, you will get real-time estimated time of arrivals from the workplace to home. Furthermore, you also get traffic updates and expected delays on the selected route.

“If you don’t need turn-by-turn directions but want real-time traffic info as you take your usual route, you can tap on “start driving” to go directly into driving mode,” Google added the update to Maps for Android.

If you opt for public transport, Transit tab in Google Maps for Android recommends you buses or trains. Also, it does provide you the ETA to your home from work.

Google Maps now Provides Real-Time Data About How Crowded Place Are?

You can also check out schedules by swiping down if you are headed to some other location. The options were a bit scattered if you consider the earlier version of Google Maps. The welcome design makes the change that in interface look clean and easy-to-use. Google started rolling out the update already, but there is no clear info whether it’s a server-side change or a new version of the app. As of now, there is no info regarding Google updated Maps App for iOS.

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