Skully AR- 1, is the world’s first helmet to feature with the built-in 180° Blindspot Camera on the back and heads up display for the safety and unparalleled situational awareness and focusing on what matters most and the road ahead.

Skully is the crowdfunding campaign project and raised more than $14 million from the investors and bakers. The company has reportedly mentioned that it will deliver all the 3000+ helmets to the customers by this summer. But surely this is not going to happen.

With this delay from the Skully, not only the backers, even the pre-order customers will not receive their orders, but some reports say that at least 50 employees will able to receive the product.

Weller said in the phone conversation that “I am shocked and deeply saddened that they would now shut this company down. We were raising a Series B to continue raising capital but then we had a buyer; I’m almost dubious to this.”

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It isn’t clear if there is any scope for energising the company or the product, which looks like a natural evolution in the traditional motorcycle helmet that each motorcycle rider can get things happening behind.

Things you can do with Skully:

  • Opening and Closing the Visor
  • Measuring Your Head
  • Activating Voice Commands
  • Turning the Helmet On and Off
  • Fastening and Releasing the Chinstrap
  • Adjusting the Heads-Up Display

According to the final reports, the sources noted that the shutdown is likely due to the rift between the Weller and the Skully’s board. The deal with Chinese company LeSports, which went south and the issues with the manufacturing and they contacted the Skully for learning more details about it and things will be updated soon if any response is received from the end.

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The marketing VP, Carlos Rodriguez says “The SKULLY executive team is working diligently on closing a round of funding so that we can continue to fulfil our pre-orders and delight our customers,”

The price of Skully helmet is $1499.00 and available in Matte Black and Glossy White colours. Currently, Skully helmets in all respective sizes are unavailable.