Artificial Intelligence (AI) is nowadays, a hot topic in gadgets world. Almost all the tech giant companies are running behind this technology implementation. In the recently announced gadgets, AI has a big role to play. Apple, Google, and Microsoft are making the use of this technology in all the possible ways in its products. Now, Samsung has implemented the same technology in its gadgets.

Google which has announced its gadgets just a few days back has implemented the AI to a fuller extent possible. Unlike other tech companies, Samsung is not just acquiring the technology, but it is acquiring the entire developing company itself.

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Yes, it is rightly heard, Samsung is acquiring Viv. To remind, Viv entrepreneurs are the same who have sold Siri to Apple. On Wednesday that is on 5th Oct 2016, Samsung has announced the Viv acquisition. This will enable Samsung to compete with its competitors.

Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Apple are a way ahead of Samsung in the AI usage. AI acts like a human alternative. Hence, this is a complete voice command based technology.

Google has Siri, Amazon has Alexa, Microsoft has Cortana and Google has Assistant as its AI. These includes in PC’s and Smartphones and WiFi devices.

Samsung has various products like Televisions, smartphones, Tablets and other communication devices. The implantation of Vis’s AI will be a huge boost to their technological advancements. Customers provided with a friendly and easy way of handling the sophisticated gadgets.

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Interestingly, Samsung has announced the acquisition of Viv. But it is tight lipped in other aspects of the acquisition. Details like the price paid for the acquisition and the implications that will taken after the process and so on.

In recent times, acquisitions and mergers are taking place at a high rate. Twitter is also waiting for a good bid. Once, a good quotation placed on Twitter’s board; it will announce its acceptance.


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