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India Using Advanced Technologies to Close the Border Between India and Pakistan 

After Uri attack, India government is considering all the options that are related to the eradication of the infiltration of terrorists across the border.

As a part of the options review, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh has announced that the India-Pakistan border will be closed by 2018.

The decision is being implemented at a rapid speed. There is an agreement signed with Israel for this purpose. It is observed that the Israel has a strong border built around it. It is considered as one of the strongest and high security provided border.

Many countries in the world are facing the same problem as India with its neighboring countries. The United States is struggling to control the illegal entry from Mexico. It decided to build a 3,360 fence KM which is under construction.

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A border between Western Sahara and Southeastern Morocco is also an affective measure to stop entry between the two. The border built is 2,700 KM long.

A 700 KM long border between Iran and Pakistan is intended to block smuggling, drug mafia entry and terrorist’s entry into Iran from Pakistan.

Israel and Gaza has a 60 KM border size which intensifies the tensions between the two countries. Terrorist and Palestinians illegal entry was controlled with this high-security border.

Now, that India on a large scale is looking into the aspect of building a barrier between its neighboring country Pakistan.

India has a lengthy border of 3,323 KM of land border and a 740 KM marine border. Pakistan and its raised militants use both ways for infiltration. There is a huge loss in terms of Civilians life and Army men death with these terrorist activities.

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Use of advanced technologies like Sensors, Cameras, Drones, and Radars will be set up along the borders that are being and already built.

Analyzing the past loss of life of army men while patrolling and protecting the borders, the Indian government has announced the decision to modify and implement latest technologies in safeguarding our borders.

On the other hand, many experts think that seizing of borders will not be the solution for stopping terrorist and their activities. The Indian government has to think another big way for curbing this problem.

Sensors to Monitor Glucose Levels in Human Body Through Sweat

No more needles to take blood samples for testing glucose levels. The latest innovation is trying to provide a solution which is painless for those who wish to know their sugar or glucose levels in their bodies. This will be very much useful for the diabetic patients as they are required to test their glucose levels at regular intervals. Body wearable bands may replace needles in future for glucose level testing.

Technology advancement in this regard is appreciable as it can provide a simple, easy, safe and painless solution for testing the glucose levels in human body. The sensor bands are soft to wear and absorb sweat from the body and calculate the glucose levels.

The achievement is the result of a team of researchers working on how to monitor glucose levels in the body without taking blood. The research is being taken up at University of Wollongong in Australia.

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Japan’s National Institute of Materials Science Professor Mr. Yusuke Yamauchi has briefed about the working and development of these wearable bands.

The making of this device comprises of senses based on copper which can absorb sweat from body and calculate. In general copper is hard material that cannot be fabricated so easily. But the team has done that using some of the techniques. Copper is turned into penetrable structure so that liquid or air may pass through.

Care has been taken in the band development as it exposure to air can affect the performance. Hence, researchers mixed copper solution with Polystyrene to develop Polystyrene balls which have copper coating outside.

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Similar to electroplating methods and using UV light tiny holes are made to Polystyrene balls so that they absorb sweat. The size of these holes is about 10,000 times thinner when compared to human hair thickness.

Overall, the shape will be like a thin film. Soft and easy to wear shape has been made. After intensive testing the research team has stated that the quality and performance of the sensor bands is almost accurate towards glucose oxidation. Smart watch like structure makes it easy to wear and also can send the reports wirelessly.

Piaggio Launches Aprilia SR 150 with the Initial Price of Rs 65000 in India

Piaggio launched their much-awaited model Aprilia SR 150 Scooter with the initial price of Rs 65000 as per the Delhi Ex-showroom market price.  This Piaggio Aprilia SR 150 has showcased at the Auto Expo held in 2016 and clutched the viewers’ interest.

The model features Aprilia SR 150, powered with the 154.4cc. SOHC, air-cooled, single cylinder, four-stroke, engine which generates the 11.4 hp of power and 11.5 Nm of torque. The engine is paired with an automatic gearbox which has been turned in the favour of the acceleration.

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Aprilia SR 150 uses the latest new steel frame which is said to have the high inflexibility. The design is similar to the sports scooter bike which has inspired by the RSV1000 R Factory which has equipped with the latest technology and safety equipment.

The style and look of this scooter are attractive, and the scooter comes with the sharp front apron with the two headlamps. The turn indicator lamps are placed on the handlebar. The instrument cluster has the simple and layout features which have the twin pod analogue speedometer and the fuel gauge.

The SR 150 includes the telescopic forks in the front and the mono-shock at the rear end. Aprilia SR 150 comes with the 14-inch wheels with the tyre numbers as 120/70. The fuel tank capacity of this model is 7 Litres which is more than the current patterns in the scooters like Honda Activa, Suzuki Swish and Access, TVS Jupiter and other 150 cc scooters.

Piaggio’s Aprilia SR 150 to hit Indian roads this August

The company also concentrates the braking segment, this model SR 150 comes with 220mm disc brake in the front and 240 mm drum brakes for the rear wheel. This scooter is also having the additional features like USB charging similar to the Mahindra Gusto model.

This Aprilia SR 150 is manufactured locally with Piaggio at the Baramati plant in Maharashtra with 90% localisation. The scooter will be available with the existing Vespa Dealers across the country in India.

For the user convenience, this scooter is also available for booking via Paytm. By paying Rs.2000.00, you can book Piaggio Aprilia SR 150 Scooter. This model is available in two colour variants Black and White.

World’s First Smart shirt from Arrow that connects with your smartphone

Have you ever thought of wearing a Smart Shirt that lets you share the business cards, play music, share your social profiles with one single tap? Arrow has designed the new smart shirt which lets you do these things. Experience the Smart Shirt will help you in not missing the meetings at the office, social gatherings, sending the message alert for the incoming calls. There are a lot of things that are interesting to explore in the new Smart Shirt.

Always stay connected with the simple one Tap away.

When you are out for the Lunch then, you need to share your social profiles of your LinkedIn, Facebook and others, with the single tap with you can share the details with your friends, acquaintances or colleagues. All they need to do is tap their phone on the left cuff of your Smart Shirt to have a look.

With this, it’s like keeping the business card in your sleeve. After finishing the meetings with the client just with the single tap on the left cuff, you can share your business card.

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Now you can customise your meeting mode by choosing from the silent mode, vibrate mode and auto response, to put an end to mid-meeting interruptions with your Shirt. Activate the home mode to stay connected and relaxed without any disturbance, with a single tap on your Arrow Smart Shirt.

With this shirt working hard just got convenient.

Activate the work mode with low brightness on your smartphone, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to save your battery life and stay focused to get the job done without your phone getting in the way!Pair any device of your preference.

Pairing with your Bluetooth speakers of choice has never been this easy! With one tap on your Shirt and you’re ready to go.

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This Smart Shirt from Arrow is exclusively available on Arrow Official Store 

Bose’s QuietComfort 35, a Wireless Headset with Active Noise Cancellation Feature Unveiled for $350

The wait is over…! One of the much-anticipated products from Bose Corporation QuietComfort 35 was unveiled. The wireless headphone comes with a unique feature of active noise cancelling.

Bose products are built to excellent standards with the inclusion of the latest unique features. One can choose from a huge variety of models and experience a high-quality performance that will prevent you from not using it.

QuietComfort 35 is the revamped version of the wired QuietComfort 25 both in price and features. The later one which was a wireless device was offered at $350 while the former one was given for a price of $300. The $50 price bump may be due to the wireless feature of the current headset.

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It would sense, measure and sends unwanted sounds to each of the proprietary digital electronic chips on both ears that would respond with a precise, equal and opposite signal within a fraction of a millisecond.

The headphones also had a digital equalising system which balances the sound regardless at which volume you’re listening. It is featured with buttons on the right earcup for controlling the volume, playback and answering/ending calls. If you want to go wired, it also comes with a cable

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Its noise cancellation feature makes quiet sound quieter and music sound better. It would connect with other devices Via Bluetooth and NFC. The QC35 avails Up to 20 hours of wireless listening per one full charge.

The Premium materials used during the building of the device make it light in weight & comforts listening all day. The firm’s mobile application Bose Connect helps you to manage and control paired devices and supports both Android and IOS devices.

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The ultra comfortable and awfully tempting QC35 is available in both black and silver colours, and it comes with a carrying case and a cord which would enable to use it as a wired one.


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