The Pune Businessman Datta Phuge, who is famous for “Gold Shirt,” was brutally murdered late last night by a group a gang in front of his son.

He is famous for owning “Gold Shirt” was attacked by a bunch of stones and pierced him with sharp knives.

 A local police officer from Pune confirmed the death of Dattatray Phuge but got no evidence or motive of his death. The incident witnessed by his 22-year-old son which held in Pune Digi area.

The attack might not only be the reason for the “Gold shirt” but also there is some influence towards the occurrence. He pioneered a chit fund company namely “Vakratunda”, where his name got registered with some legal cases in a police station.

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Police officers arrested four suspects and told that the reason for the attack is due to financial rivalries, and some unknown people came to the house and took his husband, where he never returned home, said Datta Phuge’s Wife Seema a municipal corporation in Chinchwad.

The Indian man “Dattatray Phuge” who owns the most expensive shirt in the world which is made of 22 carat Gold, designed by Tejpal Ranks, Crafted by Ranka Jewellers (Chinchwad) which weighs 3200.22 g, sold date 21.12.2023 which cost $250, 000.

The 48-year-old Datta Phuge from the western Indian city of Pune wore the expensive “Gold Shirt” which costs around INR 1 crore 27 lakhs.

A fifteen number of Gold Smiths worked for 16 hours for above two weeks to complete the shirt designed by Tejpal, who said Phuge was their regular customer by past nine years by gold chains and coins.

Phuge always uses to tell that he should do something different which would make him famous by spreading his name across India. So the goldsmith gave an idea to make a “Gold Shirt”, then he decided to make a “Gold Shirt” said “Phuge” in an Interview earlier news channel.

We will update the back drop of incident which occurred in Digi area whenever we get the clear information about the murder.