Turing Phone Cadenza: World’s Most Powerful Camera with the Best Features Which no Smartphone Has

Turing Phone Cadenza has the world’s most powerful camera. The smartphone comes with 60 MP rear camera and dual Snapdragon processors, dual RAM and of course Two dual SIMs.

Turing Phone Cadenza smartphone has some of the most sophisticated and advanced features along with specifications. The era of Dual SIM has been crossed, and the smart gadget has introduced Dual RAM with 6 GB each totaling to 12 GB. Two 830 Snapdragon processors are fitted in this smart gadget.

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The 60 MP Rear camera has the Triple lens and iMAX 6K. The Front Camera is 20 MP and comes as dual. 1 TB of storage with two memory chips on the board having the capacity of 256 GB each will facilitate the user to store loads of data. Expandable memory up to 500 GB via microSD card is also possible.

The smartphone can be operated through voice commands altogether. The functions like power On and Off of the device, Biometric Authentication, Finger Print Scanner and Retina Scanner can also be done through “VoiceOn”.

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The display screen size is 5.8 inches with 2560 x 1440 pixels resolution and comes with a touch screen. Swordfish operating System is used to power the performance with AI features. 100Wh battery with graphene and hydrogen fuel cells support the long standby and talk time for the gadget. A total of 4 SIMs and WiGig Connectivity is, of course, a big feature to lure buyers.

However, to own the Turing Phone Cadenza smartphone, one has to wait till 2017.