Nepal PM Oli resigned

Khadga Prasad Sharma Oli, Nepal’s Prime Minister, has resigned Just minutes before facing the no-confidence motion in the parliament.He handed over his resignation to President of Nepal, Bidhya Devi Bhandari at the President’s Office.

It is reportedly said that was about to lose the voting of no trust motion if it had happened.The decision taken by the PM, plunging the Himalayan nation into fresh uncertainty.

“Before arriving here, I held a meeting with the President and put in my papers,” he told Parliament while replying to the no-trust motion.Oli was elected as the 38th Prime Minister of Nepal in October 2015.He formed the government with the coalition of alliance partner Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist-Centre).Due to some issues, last month CPN has withdrawn their support to Oli government making it a minority government.The Maoist party also recalled all its Cabinet ministers.

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The Ex-Prime Minister was accused of poor performance, failing to speed up reconstruction work after last year’s earthquakes, and not successful in implementing the new Constitution, including fulfilling the demands of Madhes-based political parties.

Nepali Congress and the Maoist party led by Prachanda forming a new coalition with other parties had gained a total of 360 votes in the 601-seat parliament which was sufficient enough to win the low confidence motion and there by ousting Oli led government.

After his resignation, Oli addressed the House stating that “the no-trust motion against his cabinet was not natural and healthy concerning its timing, condition and nature, though it appeared democratic in its form.The motion is democratic in form, but a conspiracy in essence.”

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It is a “sudden attack” from the coalition partners themselves, the outgoing Prime Minister said, adding that it was “mysterious” as well.He further accused Dahal of following “politics without morality” and “making politics dirty”, reiterating that the Maoist leader was part of the government, and he could have corrected its performance if he wanted.

Oli defended that his cabinet scored some significant achievements in promoting bilateral ties with neighbouring countries like India and China.He said that his government takes the credit of sealing some trade agreements with China, thereby ending dependence on a single nation.

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He also said that due to the efforts of his government changing the ‘land-locked’ status of the country into ‘land-linked’one.”I had said I would make Nepal prosperous, and it is possible,” he said.

According to the sources Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’, Chairman of CPN would be the New Prime Minister of Nepal.


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